Random Naruto Question: Pairings?

Ok Naruto fans, here’s a random question, just for you! Which pairings are your favorites? “What’s a pairing?”, you ask? well, have you ever imagined 2 characters from a series in a romantic relationship, and then WANTED to see it in the show/ ARE SURE it WILL happen later on in the series? THAT, my friends, is pairing! So…what are your favorites? Who do you think should be together in the end? Do you think certain characters even DESERVE to be in a relationship? Am I bored? (about the last one: YES, I AM!) lol. please, tell me your opinions! Oh, and please NO YAOI/YURI!! Srry, but I just can’t understand those pairings, and I might end up unintentionally bashing you. Srry!

EDIT: please also put WHY you like that pairing, even if it’s just “I just think they go well together!”, ok?

Answer #1

I’ll go first. Mine are:

-NarutoxHinata: She’s ALWAYS liked him, because he exemplifies everything she strives to be. He was totally oblivious to how she felt, but he’s also ALWAYS wanted to have someone, ANYONE’S respect. Hinata was the first one to ever give him the respect he craved, even if she was to shy to let him know. Recently, during Naruto’s fight with Pein, Hinata FINALLY confessed, saved Naruto by distracting Pein for a crucial second, and was quickly defeated. However, seeing the woman who always loved him beaten within an inch of her life (that MAY be an overstatement, but whatever), Naruto FREAKED OUT. He went TOTALLY BALLISTIC and unleashed the monstrous 6-tail Kyubi Transformation! That’s right folks, he jumped RIGHT over 5-Tail style, right to 6-Tails, AND apparently, he can CONTROL IT. Dude, Naruto, wtf? I’ve always liked you, but when did you get so powerful? Well, if you ask me, it probably have something to do with exactly WHO got hurt…

-SakuraxLee: She’s a super-strong Medic-nin, he’s a Taijutsu specialist who can’t perform either Nin- or Genjutsu. He’s the only NICE guy she’s ever interacted with besides Naruto. She’s had really bad luck with relationships so far (she was head-over-heels for Sasuke, and he just left with nothing more than “thank you”). He promises to protect her with his LIFE. Heck, he even attempted a forbidden technique where the condition of use was “To protect the life of someone precious!!” in Guy-sensei’s words. In my opinion, she has a slight problem with nagging (she nags.), but he LOVES following orders! Hey, he may end up “whipped”, but it never seems like it if you’re doing things for the woman you love! Also, Sakura can be a little immature sometimes, but other than being a little over-enthusiastic, Lee is VERY mature. If only Sakura would open her eyes and see past those bushy brows and bowl cut, she’ll finally find the happily ever after for her fairy tale! CHA!!!

-Sasukex…no one…: Sasuke is a COMPLETE BASTARD! HE’S SELF-SERVING, AND…Ahh, just read my Sasuke-related question, eh? Anyway, I don’t think he deserves anyone…

-ShikamaruxTemari: Yet another “opposites attract” couple. He’s an unmotivated slacker, who comes from a family where the men are just like him and then tend to marry women who are energetic, rather short-tempered, and maybe even a nag…from their point of view, anyway. The Nara men sum it up as them being attracted to “troublesome” women. She’s a princess, as her father was the late Yondaime Kazekage. She’s energetic, short-tempered, a little bit of a nag…(not to mention she’s hot and has a lot of cool jutsu)…hey, wait, isn’t that the kind of woman Nara men usually marry? And they seem to be getting close…? Not only that, he’s stated that she’s “scarier than my mom”…which is fitting, as he’s even lazier than his father is! I have a feeling Shikamaru’s gonna have to apply for a job similar to Temari’s sometime in the future…~_^

-NejixTenten: Oh, come on! THIS one is kind of obvious, especially after he stopped being like Sasuke-baka. They train together EVERY DAY. ALONE. And then, there’s the fact that she knows so much about his techniqes…YES, SHE IS HIS PARTNER, but unless I’m mistaken, some parts of what she explained about Neji’s fighting style can only be learned by asking…? And besides, their personalities, once again, compliment each other. They’re BOTH perfectionists, he’s stoic while she’s energetic, he’s calm and collected, she’s more enthusiastic, he’s introverted, she’s extroverted…I could go on and on! This is yet ANOTHER “opposites attract” couple…maybe Kishimoto likes these or something…?

-IrukaxAnko: This one doesn’t have as big a fanbase as the others, but COME ON!! It’s the most logical one! (NO, I DON’T THINK IRUKA IS GAY!!) This description has to come from experience, b/c you don’t really see them talking to each other on-screen very much, if at all. But see, for all the girls I’ve ever liked, when I really think about it, remind me of a quality of my little brother. And just WHO is Iruka’s “younger brother”? NARUTO!! And which girl in Iruka’s age group reminds you of Naruto? That’s right, ANKO! (it’s canon- listen to what Sakura is thinking when Anko appears in the anime for the first time!) And also, I can imagine Anko being a bit of an outcast, due to her history with Orochimaru…And apparently, Iruka can emphatize (sp?) with people like that! This may be just my imagination, but I don’t know who ELSE they could go with!

-CANON COUPLE: AsumaxKurenai: These two have been proven to be canonically involved. she’s even pregnant with his kid!

-CANON COUPLE 2: Minato NamikazexKushina Uzumaki: Naruto’s parents. ‘Nuff said.

-CANON COUPLES: Shikamaru’s parents, Ino’s parents, Choji’s parents, Kiba’s parents. Hinata and Neji biologically have parents, but we know that Neji’s dad is dead, and no one’s sure exactly what happened to Hinata’s mom…but most think she’s dead, apparently…

-people I can’t place: Kiba, Shino, Ino, Choji, Tsunade, Gaara (here he is, fangirls!), Kankuro, Ebisu.

-people I WOULD pair, but they’re dead: Jiraiya, Itachi, etc.

-anyone else I didn’t post, I probably don’t know enough about their personalities, srry…but if they’re dead, then they fit into the one directly above.

and btw, yours don’t have to be as detailed, it’s just that I’ve wanted to get this off my chest for awhile now, lol

Answer #2

I agree with slient storm all the way

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