ran over puppy

I was walking my dog yesterday and he is still sort of a puppy and he got hit by the tire of a truck and we called a place to see how much money it would be to fix him because he is limping on the left side of his body and they said he needs medical attention and that it would cost $105 and we do not have the money to do so. Does anyone know of a way we could make 105$ soon or any suggestions on how to help him get better?

Answer #1

well, im so sorry about your puppy. im against animal cruelty and a hit and run is horrible. try and have can raises and ask your friends to do it too. learn cheerleading moves or learn somekind of entertainment that you can do on the street and maybe you can raise money that way. otherwise, try and get a job at like a paper route or have a yard sale

Answer #2

There is a little difference. when you work in this field you see a lot of idiots, I AM NOT Calling you one, just trying to make a statment. We have a local pet store that will sell mixed breeds from $600 to $1500 dollars, and people buy them, but then complain to us when they can’t afford to help the dog if things go wrong, or the b*tch about the cost of vaccines, heartworm test, stool check, flea and tick treatment, heartworm prevetion, This is just the basic treatment every dog should have. Then we have people go to the pound and adopt a dog for $35 dollars at any age and are willing to spend thousands of dollars on this dog. NOW this is a two way street, sometimes we have people with the attitude, “oh well I only bougth the dog for $35 dollars and I am not spending that kind of money.”

The point is all dogs need things and cost money, till the day they die, you even pay money to put them down when it is time.

So please share with us how it turned out and what happened. I see this everyday well atleast once a month where a very young dog gets put down because owner can’t treat, sometimes we do have them sign the animal over, we fix it and find it a new home. so if you can’t treat this dog then call your local shelter or animal rescue and see if you can sign your puppy over to someone who will fix it and give it a new home, atleast the dog will be alive and you would have done a good deed.

Answer #3

Lots of vets will treat your puppy and let you on a payment plan where you pay a small amount every month until the whole operation is paid off. Call around to vet offices as ask if they do this, also they may want to check your credit to make sure that you will pay them back so make sure you have good credit.

Answer #4

Oh good, he is just limping…he probably has torn ligaments, tendons, muscles… Better not to give him away…you keep him and when he is sick or injured…when he needs to be neutered (bet you won’t do that)…when he needs shots or medicine…you can just hold a fundraiser…gee…lucky dog.

He was on a long leash…you obviously did not have control…or you weren’t paying attention…and he could have been killed as a result of your behavior…

this is your fault…not the puppy’s. and you can’t even take him to the vet…

most cities have ordinances that allow the police or shelter to issue a citation when an owner does not supply care for their animal when injured or sick…maybe they will catch you…

Answer #5

*we bought the puppy? but whats the dif?

The ‘dif’ is that you plunked down hundreds for a puppy but can not pay a hundred dollar Vet bill. If your puppy’s leg is broken, he is in pain…he could go into shock…he could die as a result… And that death would not be easy for him…he would suffer, right until the last moment. Harley is correct…please contact a local breed specific rescue (cause I bet it is a ‘designer’ breed or a popular pure) and arrange to surrender the dog. They will provide medical care and find it a good home with an owner who will understand the need for IMMEDIATE treatment if a car rolls over it’s leg…and who will be able to afford it.

I also must ask…just how did this happen. Was your puppy on a leash? Or were you walking him without having control and he darted away into the street or a driveway and the truck hit him?

Answer #6

well I had him on a long leash and he is still a puppy and so he got excited and ran infront of it and btw if your gonna answer my question about HOW TO RAISE MONEY please keep it on the subject and IM NOT GIVING MY DOG AWAY!!! I know you say its for the best but hes doing ok and being himself and he can walk on it now but limps every now and then so if your gonna tell me to give him away dont even waiste your time cause I wont even take it under concideration.

Answer #7

For now keep him as comfortable as you can. Give him soft blankets to lie on and try to discourage him from running. If he lets you, try to gently touch the left side of his body to find exactly where it hurts, so that you know what is tender. Pet him or massage him gently. As for the money, ask your vet if you can pay installments. You could also ask friends and family members if they are willing to donate towards the cause… you could even say that they can count that as your Christmas or birthday present. Good Luck! I hope your dog is okay!

Answer #8

I agree with Harley. Do whatever to get the dog to the vet. Just show up with the dog and ask if you can make payments. It is easier to refuse over the phone, harder to say no to you when the animal is right there. I also agree with Harley that people should consider the cost involved with owning a pet BEFORE they get one. Did you adopt or buy the puppy?

Answer #9

http://www.carecredit.com/ This is the program I was telling you about, most vet hospital except this, we do where I work, or apply for any credit card you can get.

Answer #10

go online and apply for a card called Care Credit. Make sure your vet excepts this type of Credit card, it is for animals and health.

sorry but I work at vet hospital and I wish people would realize that pets cost money, they would not let there child sit around for days with a broken bone, We have euthanized more pets because people can’t pay to have surgery done on them when needed or if they are sick last week we put down a 13 week old pit that got hit by car, they could not afford it, yesterday we put down a 16 week old rottie mix with parvo because they could not afford treatment. It is just so fusterating for people to understand that you should not own a pet if you can not provide for them.

Answer #11

set up a fund and give jars for collections to grocery stores and mcdonalds stuff like that.I;m not sure if you need a petetion from the town to do that or not but ask you mom…also the vet might have a financial aid thing where you can wait and pay them within a certain amount of time or make certain payments…look aruond for vets that do that.

Answer #12

well, if his leg is broken then you need to get the operation, if not and just injured, then he will heal, puppies heal easier and better overall than older ones, hope this helps :)

Answer #13

we bought the puppy? but whats the dif?

Answer #14

it was a hit and run

Answer #15

have the person who hit him pay 4 it its thiere fault

Answer #16

send the dog to the nearest vet and arrange to pay instalments..beg is you have to

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