Racism on Youtube

I am so disgusted with what the “white people” are saying about Obama on Youtube! It seems to me that some things never change. Am I the only person that feels this way?

Answer #1

somethings never do change… but personally im all for obama! and they should just get over it because HE IS our new president..!

Answer #2

they need to get over it. Mr. Obama is not only our president but he’s my president and im proud to have him in office.

Answer #3

I am “white” and I am stongly for Obama.

Things have came along way sense Martin Luther King Jr.

Rosa Parks set a good example.

But; You have to remember..Not everything will change there will always be some rasimsim.

Answer #4

YES .? did you vote an if so for who an why pleas go in to detail . an no better for you to say “white people” than it is for any single other persons to say what their saying all this crap should just stop were all equals in this world today . we need quit deviding are selfs an making all these sob stories whats done is done an its time to move on this a new day im not forget but its time to forgive …

Answer #5

I believe that Obama is going to change this country for the better! I’m all for him because he is for the women and children and because he wants to bring the troops home after Bush had them over there for such a long period of time for no reason at all! For the record, I’m white and I believe that we made the best decision EVER electing Obama for president!

Answer #6

I am not racist at all lennyj3008 but what was I suppose to say. It wasn’t any blacks saying things like that. I wasn’t gonna bite my tongue about it b/c they sure didn’t bite theirs. If you read some of those comments you will get enraged!

Answer #7

your right I fully agree with you what was said isnt right im trully sorry but its better to ignore it then to add fule to to the fire I thinks its just anot only big change but good one at that im jewish/mexican/african american so I see what you mean im just tired of every one throwing the past in to our future im sick of it it dumb as far as pulling the troops out I dont think its greatest idea but thats just me . my boyfriend is usmc an I miss him also an worrie but hes doing it for us for us .

Answer #8

Okay yeah,they really dont need to be saying that just because our new President is “colored” I may be white but I am DEFINITLY NOT RACIST and Im very,very glad our new president is Obama those people on Youtube just need to get over themselves because here are the facts; 1.Our President IS Obama. 2.Racism is our Past NOT presant. 3.Our country is bound to get better beacuse of Obama. 4.Those people on Youtube are big Idots(: 5.Not one person on this planet or anyother planet is better or worse than anyone else.


Answer #9

Actually, it is racist to assume that white people are racist. I guess I could coin the term metaracism to describe this.

In any case, there are good and bad people of all races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, heights, weights, socioeconomic, and levels of disability.

It becomes prejudice when you make an assumption about somebody based on their demographic.

Racism does still exist though in most cases it is more subtle than it used to be. Also since racism is no longer socially acceptable people who hold racist views have learned to keep it to themselves (except the youtube folks you mention)..

Durring our presidential campaign McCain supporters did try to appeal to American racism by implying that Barak Obama was “not one of us.” Specially coded speech was used to avoid accusations of racism but the goal was to amplify racism already present.

Similarly white fear of a black criminal underclass was exploited by George H Bush’s campaign with their Willie Horton adds attacking Michael Dukakis. In spite of the fact that criminals had also committed murders under Reagan’s furlough programs the image of menacing black man was a very effective political add against Dukakis.

Answer #10

I was in college in the 60’s and 70’s…and things HAVE changed a lot…just got to accept that there’s good and bad people in every gender and race…and that’s the way it’s been since the beginning of time.


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