Racism in Video Game. How Far will it go

This is more of a rant than a question. Ok for those that know Resident Evil 5 is still getting lawsuits for it allegations of it being racist. Which I think it people that are very ignorant and they don’t they don’t know the story of the Resident Evil Series. But my thoughts how far will these claims of racism go.

My theory is that it will get so out of hand that even the Legend Of Zelda Series will get accused of being racist . Here why some ignorant person will see Ganondorf and proclaim it is racist because it brown skin man that lives in the desert and they make evil for it that person will say Zelda is racist to Latino and Arab people, and I bet that future person never played a Zelda game so he or she wouldn’t understand. I 89% sure that this racism thing will get out of hand that it will lead to even people having problems the Samus from the Mertroid series being a girl. I’m sorry if some of you don’t agree but really give it some thoughts and please give me you feedback of this

Answer #1

it is predictable that a game such as resident evil 5 was going to get nailed for racism. it seems the creator put the story in a remote village in africa. the problem was that the enemies were all of africa decent there was none of other ethnic and different races involved. but it seems a lot of games have stereotypical characters of different races. fighting games shooting games all genres have one or 2 or even more games that could be labled as simply a racist game. if we think about it logically its not hard to lable a game racist but practically when your playing it your first impression isn’t “wow all the enemies I’ve seen are black” its more this is fun or challenging not labeling it as racist. I personal didnt like res 5 I thought the gameplay and controls were sub par and not up to the standard of todays gaming but I’ve read on many forums that res evil 5 was a racist game. how about we focus on the game and its fundamentals rather than the skin colour of the enemies and of which decent they come from.

Answer #2

^the zombies in RE5 are black because the setting of the game takes place in some remote village in africa. and the guy who does all the killing is white. so there are a bunch of people saying it’s racist.

and I think people are making too much of a big deal out of it. Video games have been flying under the radar when it comes to political correctness since forever. because if you look back at all the street fighter or tekken games. they always have a native american character with like a huge feather headdress, the femme fatale with the slutty outfit on, then there’s the stereotypical giant russian character, and the tiny asian girl.. it’s all over the place. if they’re going to go after resident evil 5 then they might as well go after all the other games too. ugh.

Answer #3

I think game designers have a right to put out whatever product they want! Parents have a duty to shield their kids from games they view as harmful. Stop expecting Playstation and Nintendo to raise your kids and teach them values.

I agree with your rant, lol!

Answer #4

see that why I point out that soon people will go after Zelda.

Answer #5

Haven’t heard of that, but then I am not into FPS games. What are they racist about - Zombies?

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