Racing Games

List your Top-5 racing games…

Include the platform (console, PC, etc.) and a specific reason for including it in your list. It doesn’t have to be recent, either.

Answer #1
  1. XGRA (xbox / 2003)

I acquired this game used for $10, took it over to a friend’s house, and we COULD NOT STOP PLAYING. We actually overheated his Xbox. There’s something inexplicably alluring about driving supersonic motorcycles, equipped with laser cannons & land mines, while listening to Powerman_5000. Oh, and the ability to eliminate your rival in a race, by using a death-ray satellite in orbit, is quite satisfying.

  1. Top Gear Rally (N64 / 1997)

This was the first racing game I played that simulated (tried) real-world physics, which made the game much more challenging, and the victories satisfying. You could also create your own custom paint job for your cars.

  1. F-Zero X (N64 / 1998)

Ridiculously fast futuristic rocket speeders, insane track designs, and a heavy metal soundtrack… yee…haw…

  1. Wave Race 64 (N64 / 1996)

This was the first 3D game I ever purchased with my own money. I spent FAR too much time mastering all the courses and weather conditions, finding all the shortcuts, learning there was only ONE guy who could do a double back-flip… ahhh good times…

  1. R.C. Pro-Am (NES / 1988)

Racing radio-controlled cars around a miniature track. It had a unique game design (for my experience at the time) where your vehicle stayed fixed in the center of the screen, and the track moved underneath it. It was also my first experience with the now all-to-common ‘zip-strips’

Answer #2
  1. Midnight club 3 Remix- old but still by fave by a long shot, upgrading cars, licence plates, high speed races and police chases. Also there are things in the game like while your racing you can ride up the back of lorries and jump over cars its amazing!! lol

  2. Burnout (newest 1)- Speed is my thing in racing games so this is right up there, and with the added destruction in the games makes this one of the best and pretty realistic high adrenaline racing games for me.

  3. Airblade- An old PS2 game but really enjoyed it when it first came out, me and my mates were on it for ages, instead of racing in cars you race on hover boards which was pretty unique so yeah thats right up there to me.

  4. Gran Turismo 4- Loved it, licenced cars and really enjoyable.

5.- Ridge Racer 5- I got my PS2 the first day it was released in England and this was one of three games I got with it (the others being timesplitters and Fifa 01), for the time it was released I thought this game was the Boyo! Obviously comparing it to the newer games it probably wouldnt match up but for good old racing, Grand Prix’s and good graphics this is one of my fave’s :)

Well theres your 5 :D

Answer #3

1- midnight club 3 (ps2) 2- crash team racing (ps1 3- gran turismo 4 (ps2) 4- need for speed 510 (psp) 5- need for speed carbon (ps2

Answer #4

Need for Speed:Most Wanted - Xbox 360 Grand Turismo - Playstation 2 Need for Speed:Hot Pursuit 2 - Xbox Need for Speed:Underground - Xbox Need for Speed:Carbon - Xbox 360

Answer #5

1 & 2: PS3, Motorstorm, both original & pacific rift…why? Graphics are awesome, crashes are very cool, the terrain is well thought out & realistic.

3: Ridge Racer, PS3, incredible graphics & the drifting action is, afaik, novel and only occurs in that game…I’ve tried lots of racing games, but it’s the only one that has drifting.

4: Pole position, original Nintendo…at the time…well, it was awesome, and who didn’t grow up playing that game?

5: Wii cart, nintendo wii: if childish, it’s fun, cute and a different experience racing by actually turning your arms, rather than just pushing a button or joystick (therefore, it’s the best of the various mario kart games, imho).

Answer #6

Gran Turismo 4- PS2, I love all the GT games since the first one on PS1

Need For Speed Underground - PS2, just so much fun, the only Need for Speed that I like.

Motorstorm - PS3, the first game I played that really seemed next-gen

Motorstorm Pacific Rift- PS3, even better than the first one:)

CTR: Crash Team Racing - PS1, lol, I just still find it really fun, :)

Answer #7

the games…because they are awesome!

Answer #8

…are you going to give a reason?

Answer #9

…and… your reasons?

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