"zit" down there... is that possible and it not be an st

Can you get pimples (zits) like the ones you get on your face down in your genital area. I had one bump kinda by my clitoris and I was kinda gettin freaked out. and then I was look at it and trying to figure out what it was because it looked like a zit and then it popped like a zit! so is this herpes or something, because I’ve only had this happen twice and it was like within a couple days of eachother. my boyfriend had fingered me but thats it… im so scared because now we're startin to get more into, and I cant tell my parents and I cant drive so I dont know how id go get tested…

Answer #1

Hi there. I am a nurse. Make sure you keep that area extremely clean and no playing around with your boyfriend!! Do Not poke it it or scratch it. If it does not dissapear by about 2 week then go to a walk in clinic close by. Hope this helps :)

Answer #2

this isnt related 2 this but if you have herpes does it automatically come out? or can it occur over time???

hey btw if you shave down there…its pores kinda like razor burn uk?


Answer #3

well i found out today that my stupid lil town actually has a lot of people goin into that clinic so they didnt have anytime for me to go today… sooo im goin on wed but ill keep ya updated.. alrighty. pray for me please, all of you!! thanks!

Answer #4

That's the thing. Only a doctor can tell you with any degree of certainty what it is. So go to that clinic as planned. I know you are scared, but knowing is better than not knowing.

Let us know how it turns out.

I'm sending positive vibes your way.

Answer #5

Go to the doctors.

Answer #6

Okay. Stop freaking out. haha. I dont know if you shave or not, but judging by the fact your bf fingered your down there, im assuming you do. in which case, it is not weird to get that. I get it every few times i shave down there. its just razor burn, i know that razor burn usually just looks like a red rash, but it also can have those little red dots that you can see the white on the top and you can pop it. trust me haha. im not a freak STD girl or anything and i have been tested after each sex partner so i know for a fact that i am “clean” and i get those as well. so if you shave, i would just say use a razor with as many blades on it as your can or put on after shave or “dove feminine wash” on it after you shave. and DONT ITCH! p.s, i know you cant drive to a testing place, but maybe instead of saying “mom, can you take me to planned parenthood so i can get a new shirt?” haha, maybe you can just say “mom, can you take me to annas house, and tell her your meeting her at the pizza place or something and to drop you off there. (across from a facility). if you are very concerned about that is. or you can just go to a friends house and walk there with your friend. also, places like that have a STRICT confidentiality policy, which basically means they cant tell your parents, its illegal for them to. so dont be scared about getting a call to your home phone or a letter in the mail from “yourdaughterhasherpes.com” or anything. which you dont by the way so dont worry. haha. good luck!

Answer #7

Okay, if you are sure your boyfriend has not had sex before, that's in any form–oral included–and thinking that he washed his hands before he played. Here's the poop.

Skin is skin–no matter on your nose, penis or vagina. It can get all the diseases that skin anywhere gets, rashes, allergic reactions to scrapes, and yes pimples.

But because of what we do with our genitals and where we put them, they're exposed to a few conditions DIFFERENT from what the skin on the rest of our body normally comes into contact with. And because the tissue there is so SENSITIVE and brimming with nerve endings, SMALL ERUPTIONS THAT WE COULD DISMESS IF IT WAS SOMEWHERE ELSE, CAN BE REALLY BOTHERSOME.

Hair follicles on your genitals, for example, can clog and form pimples just as they do on your face—maybe even more so, given the extra chafing and sweating down there and the oily ointments and lubricants sometimes used. Genital warts are sexually transmitted, but they're caused by the same critter that produces those ugly protuberances on your fingers and feet. (Give frogs a break, it's a virus) Symptom Relief

So what do you do? Do you pop a pimple on your genitals the same way you pop a pimple on your chin?

NO BECAUSE A Pimple Is Not Simple

Pimples that occur on the genitals shouldn't be popped or played with. Instead, here's what doctors recommend.

Nix the zit creams. Don't ever reach for a benzoyl peroxide preparation to treat genital pimples. It's irritating to your genitals."

A doctor should deal with it, but barring that. Docs normally prescribe a gentle topical medication or an antibiotic for genital pimples. Or they might soak the inflammation with a hot compress before opening and draining it.

Beware of bumps. Sometimes an acnelike condition [Molluscum contagiosum] erupts on the genitals. These collections of pinkish, shiny, smooth bumps can be distinguished from pimples by indentions in their centers. You definitely can't treat this like acne on the face—molluscum is highly contagious, so don't touch it. But it's easy to treat with a simple surgical procedure.

So if there is a next time, BE CAREFUL. Clean hands, use a hot compress that's clean. This is not an area you need an infection to get started in.

Hope that helps. Good luck and blessings

Answer #8

so ur sayin its prolly not herpes or somethin…. im gettin a friend to drive to a clinic tomorrow and im really scared. i dont have any "pimples" or whatever it is, right now…… but im hopin that theyll tell me not to worry about it.. i really hope so

Answer #9

yeahh you can get zits down there you can get em anywere legs, back, arms, face even your bum.. I entt dunn enythingg with enyone or my self and I had that problem a couple of times.. hope this helps x

Answer #10

probably just an ingrown hair

Answer #11

Another good thing to keep in mind…make sure your boyfriend has cleaned his hands before touching you. It’s definately a saftey thing. Touching a door knob to simply shut the door for privacy can lead to having billions of germs on your hands but just touching that area for a couple of seconds. You don’t want that getting inside of you which can later lead to infection/s. He/you can always use your back to close the door and when all is said and done…wash up. It’s not embarrassing…at least you both will know you can keep it clean and care that much for each other to respect each others hygiene. :D -Black Boots

Answer #12

You need a doctors advise.

Are there clinics you could get to?

Could you tell your folks you have a period problem or discharge and you better see your doctor?

The thing is, if you have to let your parents know in order to get health care–then so be it. Cause you can't diagnose yourself nor can anyone else on the internet. It might be nothing, but then it could be something that needs attention now.

Good luck and blessings

Answer #13

I have had pretty much the exact same situation going on “down there” since I first started shaving down there when I was about 14(I’m 19 now). I had never been sexually active any way, yet every time that I used a razor down there I would break out in what seemed like very bad acne(pimples)and the same situation, but only 2-3 pimples on my armpits. It lasts 2-4 days and then goes away. I freaked out, and still do every time that I shave. I plan on (hopefully) finding a way to fix this as soon as possible because it is simply embarrassing.

Answer #14

ok i will thnx. how long does it take for them to get back to me. and will me going there be on record where my parents can find out??? will i know right then if i have something or not???? gosh i wish this wasnt happening… ive talked to my bf and we've decided not to have oral sex for a long time, not untill im more ready and if hes gonna finger me he'll wash his hands and sanatise them with hand sanitiser first… is this a good idea or will it still not help.

Answer #15

no no no. i know its not an std or anything. it cant be cuz the guy im with h as never done ANYTHING with anyother girl, not even kissed them. i know what herpes looks like and it was one single whitehead looking thing. im only 14 and im sure its not anything i should be worried about. if it happens again ill see about going to a docter… i guess

Answer #16

Ok my admit I didnt erad th answers but that at least of gives a honest nswer. oNE OF MY EXES had the same problem. My mother had the same problem but on her face. As long as you get him to wear to wear a condom you should be fine. Do not let ANYBODY make fun of you for unprotected sex!!! I mean it! Anyway, medically, as long as those pimples turn yellow and have a ‘pressured’ feeling then it probably isnt a bad idfea to squeeze em and pop em.

Answer #17

I agree wit nostalgique I think its just a growing hair that turned around and went back in but ill pray for u goodluck

Answer #18

yeah you can get pimples down there. you can get pimples any place on your body exept the bottom of your feet and hands.

Answer #19

your aiight my friend has the same thing, went to the clinic and everything was perfect..just if ya boyfriend wants to finger you again or wateva make sure he washes his hands and be careful girl.. wish you al the best but 100% sur your aiight laterz

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