quitting runescape

has anyone quit runescape?

Answer #1

they messed up the game a lot a few months ago. but their slowly bringing it back the game is nowhere near as good as it use to be but its not a horrible game. its a good game to play for a cheap price. you wont find any other game around of that quality for anywhere near that price..

Answer #2

Been playing for 7 years. They didn’t really mess up the game, they needed to get rid of RWT. Which they did. BH is a great way to get cash now. You just do the 26k trick which I’m doing like, as we speak

Answer #3

Hah, I started playing that game years ago. Back in the days of Runescape Classic. When the game was actually worth playing. I played it for about four years, and then finally quit. If you want to play an MMORPG, you might as well go the extra mile and play World of Warcraft, as it gave me more satisfaction.

Answer #4

Uhm…no. I just…never get to play anymore. It’s lame, because we dont have interweb @ my house… & other computers are too slow, but I am looking forward to the day when I get back on… ^_^ awww…all hail the duke.

Answer #5

Lots tons millions trust me I may be a girl but my older brother plays it a lot and hes like my pal so I go into his room and waatch him play it looked so intresting so I do play (trust me)

Answer #6

hahahaha I havent played that in soo long. now I feel like playin…

Answer #7

I just got bored of it… I play it now like.. once every 2 months and only for like 10 min…

Answer #8

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Answer #9

yea a really long time ago it used to be a good game until the owners screwed it up

Answer #10

Omg Very Long Time Ago like I told the other person Know I Play Mindless Video Games LOLZ it Way More Fun Then Runescape :D

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