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Has anyone ever played the Quigi Board? If so does it work/ is it bad? I told my friend I was thinking about getting it she said I was stupid that I was asking to be haunted 4 ever and that she wouldnt step in anyones house that had this game or played it in their house. Is this game that bad? Let me know everyones experiences with this game good or bad please! Thanks!

Answer #1

I would stay away from them, they are really dangerous. When I was back in college a few people from my dorm decided to make a board, they cut out paper, wrote letters on it, got a wine glass etc etc. I think they were expecting to get in touch with a grand parent or something but we ended up getting in touch with a woman who lived in the area that had been killed in a car crash 20+ years earlier, she had a daughter as well that she was telling us about. The atmosphere was really uncomfortable, the wine glass was moving from letter to letter really fast and at times we were having trouble keeping it under control and on the table. one girl was really freaked out by it

Answer #2

The board doesn’t really work in my opinion. I went to a friends house once and there was me,my sister,and two friends. One of them owned a ouiji board she had bought. It was in box just like any other board game.She said that they was going to talk to spirits cause one was haunting her closet but when they turned out the lights at 1 a clock in the morning it turns out that she said it was a so called nice spirit haunting her and told her she was to afraid of the moon.Well they asked it his name and it gave us a few numbers and letters all mixed up, but when I placed my hands on the board to see if this so called board worked it was in fact a fake. Every time they asked it a question it felt as if they was pushing the things( the piece that shows what it lands on) from the other side of the board. They claimed it made there hands get cramped and stuck in one position but mine never did.They asked it some more questions like if they knew us in our past life or if we knew each other and the so called spirits said yes to some of us and no to the others. When we asked if it was evil it said no. But if the board was real and really did work it would have said Yes they were evil and we should be afraid of them. If the board was real I would have known it , if it was real it would have demented one of us for not leaving it alone.It’s just another one of them games trying to get you to believe that you can contact those of the grave but really you can’t. You don’t have to believe me but that was my opinion and my experience with them. My sister still tries to make me play with hers that she made but I won’t because of the danger they can cause and because it’s just her imagination that believes it works. Also if it was real you would not be able to use it by yourself it would have to be more than one person using it to gain more power to reach those beyond the grave! Not that it will happen or anything but if I was you I would stay away! and not believe the people that say it works or use the thing. I am not trying to force you not to it’s your choice but if you was wise I wouldn’t do it. Its really just a waste of time

Answer #3

Exactly what nerd said. Either one of the players is pulling your chain or one of the players just cannot stay steady. The ouiji board does not contact spirits (which aren’t real anyway.)

Users subconsciously direct the path of the triangle to produce a word that is in that person’s subconscious thought process. This subconscious behavior is known as ideomotor action, a term coined by William Carpenter in 1882. It is also known as automatism.[4] Some people may be convinced the “powers” of the ouija board are real because they are unaware that they are in fact moving the piece and therefore assume that the piece must be moving due to some other “spiritual force”. The subconscious thought process may produce an answer that is different than what the user expected in their conscious thought process–thus perpetuating the idea that the board has “mystical powers”. (wikipedia)

The ouiji board is made by milton bradly… just like scrabble, twister and candy land.

xox Sika

Answer #4

my sister play one once and a person call annie aparently came through she was a little girl that died in a fire but when they wanted to go she wouldent let them they satyed up till 7am cause she wouldent let them go she said it was weird end she defo would not do it agin

Answer #5

They are controlled by your own subconscious hand movements. They are not evil, unless you are evil. And to those of you with such over active imaginations, don’t come over to my house. I keep pet monsters under the beds and in the closets too.

Answer #6

good for you those boards allow communication with evil entities they even can release these demons into our realm its dangerous

Answer #7

the entire purpose of it is to communicate with evil spirits. well, any spirits, I suppose, but the problem is that the only ones you’ll connect with are evil ones. and yes, it really works. so yeah, using it is kind of like asking for trouble…unless your goal is to communicate with evil spirits. I’d steer clear of it, if I were you. have fun.

Answer #8

I really want to use one of these just to see what happens

Answer #9

Thanks!! yeah thats exactly what my friend told me. I don’t think I’ll be getting it! :)

Answer #10

I don’t know but its spelled Ouija (pronounced wiji)

Answer #11

but has anyone ever played it? had a bad experience?? I want to hear. Im not going to get it but I’m just curious.

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