How can some people be vegetarians and be for abortion?

How can some people be vegetarians and be for abortion? Like seriously, How could someone possibly be so incredibly against killing and eating animals, even though thats why theyre here,( they even eat eachother, yes even the little cute ones), yet be completely for killing BABIES? Little innocent humans.

I know that might upset all the vegan/ vegetarians out there. But oh well right?

And also why don’t vegans eat dairy products?or eggs?

Answer #1

I just wanted to add something to this conversation. I have varrying degrees of opinion. I believe abortion is okay Only if the circumstance is that both mother and child WILL die if the baby comes to term. I can’t look at my son and not imagine having him. I wasn’t “raped” in the sense that most of you are thinking of, but I was given alchohol at sixteen and was led to do something by a much older man. My own rebellion put me into the situation in the first place. Everyone outside my family and when I became saved my church, told me to give him up, or to have an abortion. It just wan’t happening. My baby, who is now seven is a bright, intelligent wonderful human being, not to mention one of the biggest joys of my life. And, because I found out a few years ago that I may not be able to have more children of my own, He’s also my miracle.

When I think of all the babies out there who are going to be killed today it makes me sad. All that said, I’ll shut up now.

Answer #2

Okay, this is just your opinion. Editor gave some great advice, and I think you should be able to respect that other people have opinions on these things too, and they aren’t going to always be the same as yours. If this is your opinion, stick with it! It would be wise to be open minded to other’s views on these subjects, though. You need to take a deep breath and realize that you aren’t the only person in this world.

“Just put the baby up for adoption”

This is not as easy as it sounds. Plus, it is not up to you, or the government, what woman do with their babies and whether or not they want them to be in the hands of strangers.

“There is more there than people think.”

Of course there is! But there is also more in those woman’s lives than you think! If someone can’t take care of a baby, is was impregnated by a rapist, is very young and has to get a future and education, or simply cannot live up to the baby’s needs, why must they be forced to have a baby?!

Answer #3

Most vegetarians aren’t just vegetarian because they don’t want to kill animals - it’s more how those animals are treated.

An abortion depends solely on the person’s personal beliefs and choices. You can argue that an embryo has “life” at conception but since it’s morally “ok” to squash bugs, cut down trees and kill bacteria(and animals lets not forget!) which all had/have “life” as well then why not get an abortion? Because it has a possibility of a “human life”? Well if that’s the case then how can a man discard his semen in a solo ejaculation… IT had the potential to be a human life. Or that couple that wanted to have sex but decided not to… there was a “possibility” of a human life there too!

I really don’t understand why people get so upset over abortion when we have children dying and starving everyday that were ALREADY born.

How many of you who rally against abortion have or plan to adopt a child? Next time you see abortion protestors go up to them and ask if any of them have adopted. You will get blank stares because the answer is no.

xox Sika

Answer #4

If someone can’t take care of a baby, is was impregnated by a rapist, is very young and has to get a future and education, or simply cannot live up to the baby’s needs, why must they be forced to have a baby?! <<<

Why make the baby pay ? - is it less of a life because of these circumstances ?

Answer #5

haha…no…everyone is different…and in this world its not impossible to be a vegitarian and for abortion…its all a matter of opinions…you have your opinion, and other peple have there completely different opinion. weather you agree to it or not everyone is diffrent

Answer #6

A woman would have to believe that an embryo is a life before she can feel guilty for killing it. Do you get it yet? This whole debate depends solely on WHEN life starts, and no human can prove that yet.

Answer #7

You know whats just as odd? Hypocrites who are “incredibly” against abortion yet are perfectly fine with killing and eating animals.

flesh is flesh.

Answer #8

It would appear it reflects where they’re life priorities are.

Answer #9

“Put the baby up for adoption. and ‘just because you can’ Isn’t a good reason to abort a baby. And its very hard to tell right away when your pregnant until about the third week. by the fourth the brain, heart and spinal cord begin to form. Theres more there then people think.”

Hey, you asked for my opinion. Nothing will dissuade me :) Many people would not want to put a child up for adoption, where he or she will likely languish away in foster care, get lost in the system or beaten (or worse), and always wonder why they were unwanted. NOT to mention the possible hereditary problems that could occur if you have a rapists’ genes in you (not trying to be controversial, just saying that it could cause anger/mental/etc. issues—we don’t know how much behavior is hereditary).

Answer #10

Oh, and the vegan thing.

Many vegans don’t eat dairy products/eggs to protest how the “farm” animals are raised to produce it.

Many chickens are kept in tiny pens where they cannot turn in a circle, sitting in their own feces, and injected with hormones to produce more and more eggs. They are forcefed to become fat so the eggs are larger. And then killed when they cannot produce them anymore.

As for the milk, similar issues. Dairy cows are often not led to pasture but given hay in the same places where they poop, eat and sleep. They do not get exercise or to see sunlight. And often, they are also injected with hormones and other chemicals to make their milk production higher.

So many vegans choose not to eat these products to protest how the animals are treated.

hope that helps.

Answer #11

The feutus is living off the woman because it cant survive on its own. Until it can survive on it’s own, it isnt technically a person. Once it can survive on its own then it is a different issue, but until that point I dont see why the woman shouldnt have the option of getting rid of it. It’s part of her body until it can survive on its own, so why should she have that choice?

Answer #12

Seeing as how I’m pro choice and don’t eat most meat, I’ll take this.

“How could someone possibly be so incredibly against killing and eating animals, even though thats why theyre here”

Right there, that is your opinion. I don’t believe that animals are here for us to eat them. They were here first. Humans just choose to destroy their natural balance of Earth, just like we’re doing with greenhouse gases and pollution.

“Yet be completely for killing BABIES? Little innocent humans”

Embryos aren’t babies. They’re balls of tissue that have hardly developed.

That help? :)

Answer #13

Because society pressures us into love and sex and kids and white picket fences.

Besides, not everyone regrets it. Plenty of people have had abortions and been relieved. They did not have to carry a rapists baby to term, or be thrown out of their religion/community, or give up their college education and future for an unexpected child. OR, just consider simply the fact that they have the choice, and government doesn’t strip them of this personal choice.

Answer #14

The whole “when life starts” thing is a red-herring, and only has meaning in a religious context, with there being some critical point where something gets a “soul” and becomes a human being. In reality, life doesn’t ‘start’ - it’s a continuum, from mother (and father) to child.

The real question should be, when does that life deserve its own set of legal rights as an independent human being? I wouldn’t cry over a small bundle of cells any more than I cry over my toenail clippings - regardless of which particular set of cells it happens to be.

Answer #15

That woman also had a brain, and heart, and organs! <<< - Did you not realize a baby in the womb will develope a brain/heart/organs also !!??

Answer #16

That woman was at least given the chance to live a life, wasn’t she ?

Answer #17

Should a woman have to give up her life because of this?

Answer #18

That woman also had a brain, and heart, and organs!

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