question -4 the urbz -4- NDS

Okay, I think this is my final question. How do you get the Spell Champ xizzle? That’s about all I need.

Answer #1

Ok the information from lists how to find club xizzle and how to get to the factory xizzle to find more xizzle. As you know I haven’t played this game so I’ll give you directions from both and see which one will help you.

Club Xizzle

You need to find Crystal, you can find her regularly around the Police Station. You will ask her about Club Xizzle and see if you can gain entry to the place. She will tell you that you need to take her out on the town for 24 hours. I must tell you this while she is with you talk to NO ONE else otherwise she will just leave you and you will have to find her another time.

First, take her to the Pizza Parlor, and play the video games to get her excited about it.

She will then ask you to get her something to eat. For this one just go over to the man who sells pizza and buy a slice, and then give it to her.

Then go take her shopping to the thrift store. When you get their she will tell you she doesn’t like these clothes so she wants you to take her to a place more “street”. So go down to your local neighborhood peddler and buy something from him and give it to her. She will then let you have access to the Club (while showing you a cut scene of where the club is located). Good Job if you did it right the first time.

Daddy Bigbucks and the Xizzle factory

Firstly go find Lily Gates, she hangs around the docks in the day time. She will tell you how Daddy B. wants to completly destroy the Xizzle Factory, but she wants you to fix it up so it cant be destroyed.

So now go search for Ewan who hangs around the streets of urbania and the biker shop. You need get Ewans help, so get relationship with him up to 50, he says he will do it but he need some cash to get the job done, so prepare to part with some paper. He also needs a little help so go get Dusty…

Dusty will tell you that he that he will help you out but you have to beat him in a biking race. You can race Dusty between 6PM and 7PM, now it wont be an easy task to accomplish so don’t just think your the best, cause 85% of you arent. When you have finished that you can now cruise around on your new pair of wheels!

Now go find Polly Nomial she is usually in the university or in Simquarter, get a relationship with her up to 50.

After that talk to Lily again, and factory is saved and you can get some more Xizzles.

Good luck! If you need more help, don’t hesitate to ask.

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