Is getting a university degree the only way?

Ok my question is why do people say that graduating and getting degrees is the only way to set your life?My dad did all of that and was a college honor student and the best paying job he actually got was 26 $ an hour!With everything he went through he should have a way better job.Than his job told him to lift something really heavy like 350 lbs and he did b/c he boss threatened to fire him and so he messed up his back permanantly and that was six years ago.He got a new lawyer and the judge dug up some dirt on the LNI and seen that they forged signatues and tried to pay him off on 5000$ so now the judge is suing the state LNI and his previous job.So that said doing all of that doesn’t get you the best job b/c you never know when something will happen.And people who dropped out have gotten jobs that pay 26$ plus too so you really don’t need to graduate unless you’re going for being a doc or nurse or stuff like that.All you need to do is know people.Am I right?

Answer #1

A lot depends on why you go to college.

I started out as a music major. When I was 18 music was my passion. I knew that chances are that I’d never make much money. I read that even J.J. Johnson had to take a day job as a blueprint inspector to make ends meet. I wasn’t doing it for money.

Then I discovered this thing called the Internet. I remember setting up my first SCO UNIX computer when there were less than 1 million computers on the internet. I named my little server sunra after the jazz musician Sun Ra. People told me that I was wasting my time learning C, UNIX, and the Internet because all the jobs were in Cobol, RPG, MVS, etc. I was Internet before Internet was cool.

I worked at a University in the 90’s. Back then everone thought of Computer Science as a sure thing to get a good job with high pay. A lot of CS students weren’t even interested in the subject; they just wanted a nice paycheck. I remember classes when in the middle of a lecture when the professor was explaining a difficult concept a student would raise their hand and ask if it was going to be on the test. They didn’t want to waste their time learning anything that wasn’t on the test.

The reason for going to college shouldn’t be because you want to make more money or you think you need a college degree to be “educated.” People should go to college because college offers them something they want to learn.

If you are good at what you do and you have passion for it success will follow. If you are chasing success rather than your passion you have things in the wrong order.

Indeed not everyone should go to college. Only people with a passion for what they study should be there.

Answer #2

My husbands grandpa does windows and makes 60-100$ an hour.He gets jobs a lot too even in the winter.

Answer #3

I’m going to start my own window washing business going door to door with a squeegee and a bottle of windex in wealthy neighborhoods when I get my kiddos into school.

Answer #4

The dirty little secret, is that you can make more with a skilled trade these days than with an average college degree.

It’s also a lot easier to start your own business as a tradesman than it is working as a cog in a corporate machine.

College is a great thing, but way too many people who have no business going to college are going anyway. An average degree with average grades is simply not worth much.

Answer #5

A good education DOES increase the likelihood of getting and keeping better jobs and of attaining much greater financial security throughout your life.

Just because there may be a few highly educated people who fail to obtain the maximum benefit from their education or even because a few high school dropouts have managed to become millionaires doesn’t negate the overwhelming advantage for having an advanced education.

Answer #6

I agree somewhat. college is just a good way to start your life off 30-60 thousand dollars in debt, I laugh at that. People who are graduating this year with a 4 year degree, guess what buddy. I bombed out my 3rd semester and im in less debt than you. im not in debt at all. and I was offered a government job making as much as one of my coe-workers with a 4 year degree. and he’s down 30 grand. college is overrated

Answer #7

Exactly.But it’s still good for some professions

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