quarantine movie reviews

I just finished watching the movie Quarantine (2008) and I want to know what you think of it.

I thought it was pretty basic when I saw the trailer. people are stuck in a building full of zombie-like people, and they are stuck inside, blah blah blah…just the basic plot for scary movies. when I saw the movie, it was kind of boring at first. the beginning sucked…she’s walking around lots of firemen and filming them on duty at night. then they get to this really old, creepy-looking building and they’re talking about an isolated old lady who keeps to herself in her apartment…and the other residents in the complex heard screaming inside her room. that’s where the firemen are involved: they knock on her door, but no one answers, so they break the door down and try to reassure whoever is living in there that they are just trying to help. then you hear really desperate-sounding gasps. there’s this really, really, REALLY scary-looking shadow in the corner, and it’s the old lady. when the cameraman for the female reporter points his light toward her, her face is SCARY. her skin is blue-gray, her eyes are pure red, and there is blood covering her entire body and it’s splattered on her tattered dress. she screams at the light, then attacks the firemen. she bites his neck, and he’s now infected! later in the movie, word passes on that the disease is spreading, so the building is on lockdown…everyone currently in the building is trapped inside and if you try to get out, you’re shot by the surrounding police. the windows and doors are boarded up, and it’s dark in the building. lots of people have been bitten, until it’s narrowed down to only a fireman, the female tv reporter, and her cameraman. everywhere they turn, there’s an infected person. the fireman is bitten in an elevator, and the tv reporter, along with her cameraman, who is still recording everything, escape. they run up as fast as they can from the rabid people, who are chasing them up the long flight of stairs. they get to a room where it is rumored to have a safe exit from the building. this is the scene of the movie that I do not get. there are photos of rabid people everywhere, and it seems like someone had been studying the disease in that room. the tv reporter and her cameraman hear a noise coming from the floor above, and a trapdoor from the ceiling opens with a loud bang. at this point, the tv reporter is going crazy. the cameraman tells her that they have to go up there to see what is going on. when they get up there, they hear the same heavy sighing and screaming as the old lady in the apartment. in the night vision camera, a bloody, thin man is visible. since it is completely dark in there, the thin man cannot see the tv reporter and the cameraman, but can sense that they are there. finally, one of them makes a noise. the thin man attacks the cameraguy, and the camera drops. the tv reporter is trying to stay quiet. she knocks over a table, and crawls around desperately to look for the camera. the camera catches the final scene: she’s being pulled away by the thin man.

the movie ended there. it wasn’t the best movie, but it was one that had a few interesting scenes. I hated the abrupt ending. it was hard to watch some of the scenes because the camera was all over the place, but it wasn’t as bad as Cloverfield. in the end, you realize that it was a dog that had rabies that had caused the old lady to go crazy, and the disease eventually spread to everyone else.

it was funny when the little girl had contracted the disease and bit her own mother. the mother, now diseased, too, is handcuffed to the stairs so that she will not harm anyone else. she was begging to be let go, but everyone left her there.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys gross horror movies. for example, the rat squishing scene? eeeyuk.

what did you think of the movie?

Answer #1

I ye like that and it was good you should chek out the orignal spanish version its called REC it very similar but a lot better

Answer #2

It was alright, I wasn’t blown away by it. Maybe it’s because I saw it at an outdoor drive-in theater and it was a dark movie so it was hard to see.

I thought the ending was kind of predictable, I knew they’d end it with just the camera rolling. THat tends to happen a LOT in horror films when someone is filming lol.

Answer #3

yeah, I thought the special features on the dvd were more interesting than the movie. they put nasty contacts into the actors’ eyes, and they depend on the actors’ irritation from the contacts to make their eyes look red.

before I saw the ending of the movie, one of my friends told me that the dog with rabies runs away after the woman is dragged away by the thin man. eccch.

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