What do you think about Qatar's approach of creating robot clouds to cool world cup watchers on the eve of FiFa 2022 worldcup?

Answer #2

Now that is the greatest thing I have ever heart on the month!!!! Brilliant idea!

Answer #3

That looks exiting :) Let’s hope it don’t fall down.

Answer #4

I think it is a really good idea however, it costs a lot of money to make and build so the whole project might be a waste of time as they could use the money on something else that may be more beneficial. The idea is pretty good and very futuristic and will definitely make more people go over there. A cloud that brings no rain-cool eh? :D

Answer #5

very good answer :) Yes indeed they should spend the money to help the people from poor country and should move the schedule for the worldcup to winter. in winter here the temperature is stays near 15 to 20 degree . So it will be ideal for world cup. They just have to arrange the whole schedule

Answer #6

Wow… awsum idea! Do you know how they’re gonna work?

Answer #7

Yes it is very interesting. Although I have to agree Daisie, they should use the money to solve major problems. That World Cup is 11 years from now, and they should focus on other things. Colombia was once asked to host the World Cup, but it declined cause the money used for building stadiums could have been used to help feed people in poverty or buy computers for kids in school. So, I would believe that idea is overrated, no matter how satisfying it sounds.

Answer #8

But couldnt you say the same for the London olypmics? We are in the middle of a huge depression and they are splashing out on a stadium worth billions on pounds.

Qatar on the otherhand needs these clouds or at least some form of cover to allow the athletes to do anything. They are wasting money at all. The amount of the money that the olympics will bring to the country will outweigh the amount of money spent on the clouds. And then that money will be spent on the the country and maybe helping the poor.

Answer #9

The money they get from the people coming to watch the olympics will outweigh the amount used to build the clouds, and then that money will be spent on helping the country and the poor. So really the clouds will help the poor because without them the olympics wont be able to take place because of the extreme heat.

Answer #10

They are going to be like Zeppelins of a sort.

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Answer #12

oh ok… i would so like to see that!

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