Put vicks on my vag?

So I asked a question yesterday, and this guy said I should put Vicks on my vag, IS that really safe? And wouldnt it burn like hell?

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Anyone tempted to try this may like to check out this link:


OK, its about a guy, but a vagina/clit is more sensitive than a penis.

The instructions also state not to apply it to broken skin. Can you guarantee that you have no broken skin in your vag?


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vicks is not made with acid nor alchohol believe me, 100 girls can't be wrong; I promise, you won't use the entire jar.., just a dab will do it. I suggest you put away the fear and try the vicks and the toy, I'll stay right here so you can curss me afterwards but there will be no problem. the stimulation of the vicks will throw off the pain of your toy and you er' your toy will be on your way Good luck...I'll be right here in case your ready to curse me promise.

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i have tried it too and well hello me time. just a little goes a long way. try it with your partner too and believe me he will like your response. i think K-Y now makes something that gives you the same feeling

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