How do I train my puppy not to bite?

How do I train my 8 week old puppy not to BITE!???

Answer #1

dont slap a dog on the nose any fool knows that you want to stop biteing its easy when your playing and the dog bites hold his bottom jaw so he cant move it and say no with a deep and rough voice be loud if that dont work use a muzzel if the puppy is young it will learn only use it if he bits after a few times he will see that he only gets it on if he bite and dont forget to tell him hes bad I have been around dogs my hole life and there smarter than you think they know whats good and whats bad I have had a lot of dogs that bite and bark for no reasone and the muzzel always works there not daft the bottom jaw is the only jaw that moves like anything if you stop him from useing it he cant bite and he knows then that you can stop him doing it but never let a child see you doing that as the bottom jaw can be broken if forced to hard never slap a dogs nose there is a bone in there that can snap and be broken very easy and the dog can lose its sence of smell and that can be realy bad so dont slap his nose a deep rough loud voice works every time the muzzel is only to show him biteing is wrong if you want to go and stop him all together get him the snip this can carm a dog by about 50% but just watch as this can because him to get lazy and fat

Answer #2

training a dog is not hard theyre very smart although they can be pretty stubborn.this may sound funnt but its worked with all of my dogs…and I’ve always had fighting breeds(pitbulls,rott´s)bit him back…a tiny nip onthe ear…this will show it that bitting hurts…but only do it when he bites hard…its ok if it does it lightly or playing…its an animal thats how they must teach it that you are master but that you love it,its a puppy its teething…it needs to bite…besides itll develp a more playful relationship with you this way…that how they play with their mothers and fathers…its only playing…its showing you a certain trust by letting you play back.just be shure to discipline it by hitting it on the back not the face or it will become agressive when people it dosent know try to pet it.a dogs nose is the most sensitive part…and it should only be hit in self defense.spank it on its side…this dosent hurt him but he will feel it and understand that what he did wasnot acceptable. good luck -v-

Answer #3

About another 20 weeks of training should help. Don’t get down on it too much. This is the puppy’s way of tactile interaction with the world around it. Get a toy for it right away and start playing with the toy and the dog. Use a bittering agent on items he starts to chew on that you want to keep (or tobasco or cayenne pepper not much though). The word “no” is going to confuse it unless it is used for the same action every time. I recommend crate training, as my dog has actually grown an affinity for her crate over the years. She will “play bite” with me but not my wife because I never discouraged the biting, but she did. She would instead force the dog to do other tricks (sit, lay down, speak) using small bits of treats and hand gestures for each command (the hand gestures actually do the training if you do the right ones which we learned in puppy school after she was about close to 6 months old) All dogs can be trained, and I saw first hand that any dog will listen to the right stimuli (I saw this insane dog that was manhandling her owner turn into something of a show dog after only a few seconds with our trainer in New York, he wrote a book too called “Dogs and their People” by Steve Diller from the Center for Animal Behavior, who has a website at “”).

Don’t give up on the pooch. Good luck.

Answer #4

If he’s a terrier, then that’s his nature. Over the last 100 years or so, we’ve bred dogs past what they should be into funny little cuddly things.

However, dogs innately are still hunters.

The most important thing is to show your dog who’s master. Let him follow you, not lead. Be firm and you might get somewhere. Over 5 million people in the USA give up their dogs to shelters each year because they can no longer handle them. Don’t be one of that statistic.

Answer #5

Say no when he bites in a firm tone also give him a chew toy you must understand he will be biting until he/she is older they are teething and bitting stuff to figure out stuff. He/she is still quite young but just a firm no when she/he does bite and givev him/her plenty of a pproiate things to bite/chew.

Answer #6

I’ve had good luck with every time my pup mouthed (I don’t consider it a bite unless skin is broken) someone to grab his snout, hold his mouth closed and say firmly “NO!” Perhaps puppies are just seeking oral gratification but biting and mouthing in dogs is agressive behavior. Within a pack domonant dogs will bite lower rank dogs and the lower ranked dogs have to take it. Dogs who mouth or bite are being agressive and don’t know their place in their “pack.” You have to lower their status.

Answer #7

give him a chew toy, a puppy has to bite, no matter what, their teeth are growing in and they need to escape that pain by biting. Give him the toy that has like mint so it cleans his teeth while hes chewing on it. But if u really want him to stop, give him a 10 - 15 minute class daily, on “No”! strictly when he bites something. and if he stops, reward him with a treat etc. You shouldve started the training as soon as ur pup came into ur home, try one of those two options. Good luck

Answer #8

my puppys trainer tells us to say ahahah easy. sometimes hit him/her on the nose lighly

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Answer #10

We feel with our hands and they feel with there teeth x My dog play bites with me but if she gets a little over exited she bites harder x I then smack her nose and say NO x She then goes back to playing x Give Disciplin but also reward x :)

Answer #11

say no when he bites

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