How does firmware work?

Im trying to download psp games to my psp for free but everytime I search for it on google or something it say sumthn about firmware. please be very specific about how it work, where do I get it from, and how to use, all the information I need to know please! Thanks,-TaylorBug:)

Answer #1

hey don’t listen to the guys on the last two post they’ll make your psp unhackable (the psp wont read the downloaded games) ok.. theres two types of firmware for psp 1.official firmware :release by sony…two reason for it to be released to block any downloaded games from memory stick and to fix some security problems or the consouls faults…if you take it carelessly it will brick your psp (which means that it tickles the legal protection hardware in your psp) but the brick is not a dead end…it can be unbrick by using pandora battery and a magic memory stick that you can creates urself using the psp battery and a memory stick that contains higher then 1 gb remember!! pandora battery and the magic memory stick CAN BE HOMEMADE!!! don’t get trick by people online they can be and will be free!!!

second types of firmware 2.the custom firmware made by hackers such as (gen, m33) they’re the firmwares that allows your psp to play free games or backup games it depends on wot version of psp you currently have and if its either a phat psp or slim (im sure you know wot u’ve got in your hand) the phat psp has three versions of motherboard:the psp 1000(which I have),psp2000 and finally psp3000(which is hackable but u’ll have to hack it eveytime you start the psp up!) and for the silm ones it is more conplicated because some psp slim can be hack some cnt due to the different versions of motherboad eg. psp slim ta-v3 motherboard cannot be fully hack (my bro have got this one) and the ta-v2 and v1 can be fully hacked (my cousin has the v2 one) hope this helps you to get any free games you want on psp (except for the lastest ones)

Answer #2

taken from wikipedia: “firmware is a term often used to denote the fixed, usually rather small, programs and data structures that internally control various electronic devices”.

So its basic code that a piece of hardware uses that tells it what to do. A lot of times with the PSP, you have to update your firmware to a certain version to run a game. Usually when that happens, tho the game comes with the update on the UMD. Other wise there is an option in your PSP to check for updates, only works tho if you have it hooked up to a wifi connection. Then it will download the latest firmware from Sony if yours isn’t up to date. You can also manual download it on your computer, load it on your PSP, and do it that way. Check out sony’s website that clawjaw linked for me info.

Now if you are trying to run something like homebrew on your PSP you need to have an older version of the firmware that they have cracked. I have read ways to downgrade your firmware to a past version, but that can be risky, and have heard of people bricking there PSP.

You are left with more or less the option to run legit UMD games or stay with older firmware and run emulators for NES, SNES and stuff like that.

Hope that helps

Answer #3

the last piece of firmware I upgraded was for a geforce 6800GT goes like hell and this was 4 years back…

Firmware is like a motherboard BIOS and you should never attempt to update unless you know exactly what your doing because you can cause more harm than good.

As far as I can c the latest sony psp firmware is at version 6.10: this is from the official psp site

from there you have 3 ways to update… network, pc and umd. Read the instructions carefully before doing it. my advice is dont :)

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