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How do I get online with the ps3… It keeps saying go to network setting & check them

Answer #1

okay its really simple… Sony did an excellent job. First turn your playstation on and sign in. Second, scroll into the settings menu on your XMB. Third, scroll all the way to the bottom and the last one will be network settings. Select it using the x button. Next, select custom, select the type of internet you are using. (wired of wireless). (if using wireless than scan for your internet) when you have selected your internet feed or it is connected you must then adjust the other setting according to your network and your preference. If you complete that than your system will automatically run a network systems check. If you were successful than your system will be connected to the internet. You are now set use the internet and searches, etc.

For online gaming: you must first set up an online PSN account with your PSN ID (PSN=playstation network). You will create a master account and fill in your personal information accordingly. When this is done you will have created your unique PSNID which you can use in online gaming and you will now have access to the playstation store and playstation home as well as playstation life. The playstation store is filled with many differnet things. There are free items and items that require payment. To pay for something in the PS store you need either billing information or a PSN card. There are many different things such as add-ons, mini-games and even demos (Most demos are free!), The playstation home is a unique program developped by sony which has people create a virtual them and home and clothing etc. Its like a giant sims game over the PSN! Playstation life is just a program that enables you to donate much needed computer processing power towards a university. It plays music and shows you a illuminated glove with real-time updates.

Well I hope this was helpful in answering your question.

P.S. if you need any further clarifications or explanation feel free to fun mail me :)

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