What's wrong with my PS2?

yeah I have a real problem with my ps2 its approximately…I want to say 5 years old its the model they made that is thinner so…

anyway the problem is that it seems to not be able to handle anything too complex like dvds or the ‘Rockband’ game…

it makes the exact same noise when it fails reading rockband as it does with dvds…

I think my system is too old and overworked… could it be something else? what do you suggest I do (besides buying another one)?

Answer #1

Send it in to see if it could be repaired.

They make discs designed to clean the lasers, maybe you could give that a shot? Could just be dusty. The ps2 slim had a lot of problems with playability on dvds, not sure why though. That’s why I kept my older model ps2, used regularly and still works like brand new.

Hate to say it, but either way you’re going to have to spend money, it may actually be more cost effective to just buy a new one, they’re only about $130.

Answer #2

I know that much… I was wondering if anyone (maybe even a specialist knew off of here…)

Answer #3

I have an old PS2 myself, probably about 5 years old too. Have you tried taking the console itself and cleaning any dust or stickiness there might be in/on it? Sometimes too much dust inside the disc tray can interfere with the quality of your game play or DVD play. If this doesn’t work though, it may be that you’ll HAVE to replace it or get it repaired. Word of advice though, sometimes it works out cheaper to just buy a new one. I don’t know why that is, but most people say “why waste your money on repairing something that is getting closer to falling to pieces”. You can get some good deals though, depending on where you go. You could save even more money by getting another second hand one, but I think you’d be best to just start off with a new one again. You don’t know whether the item you may get would work or not if it’s second hand. You could try looking at ebay, which is great for both new and second hand at good prices. I hope I’ve been of some help. From one gamer to another. =o)

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