"prostitution" Should it be made legal

Dose anyone think that “prostitution” should be regulated and made legal , my personal views are that its going to go on anway , so we might as weel make it safe as can be for the wemon and men who do this for money .

Once it was regulated you could tax them , and also once it was regulated you could test for disease thus stopping outbreaks of std’s.

As far as im concerned its win win .

Answer #1

finally a person who agrees with me I thought I was fightin a loosing battle

Answer #2


maybe im being idealistic , but im a dreamer and as a great man once said “”and im not the only one””

Answer #3


in my defence I did say “”IF DONE RIGHT ITS A VICTIMLESS CRIME”” nevada clearly dont do it right

Answer #4

some how I feel like it would make std break outs worse, but for the economy-taxing them would be good.

Answer #5

I agree with you,

I believe it should be legalized.

Here’s why I think so.

Some women are going to do it anyway, it’s not going to away, but legalizing it will give those women some sort of protection.

Also I AM SURE that there is hardly any women that do it because they WANT to, most of them are forced into it, whether directly or indirectly (because of their circumstances)

Also legalizing it will mean that women will need to get tested and it will then help protect them and their customers from STI’s and other diseases.

Answer #6

people have a right to do what they want with their bodies

Answer #7

Prostitution is “ Engaging in sexual activity with another person in exchange for compensation, such as money or other valuable goods”

Let’s say it’s Saturday night. A girl meets up with a guy for a first date. He buys her dinner, they go to a bar for some drinks, they drink too much and end up having sex. Did the woman “pay” for her dinner and drinks with sex?

Let’s say there’s an unmarried couple who recently decided to move in together. The guy has just lost his job and is depressed. He does nothing but mope around the house all day and go out with his buddies at night. The woman kept her job and works a 40 hour week. They have sex on a regular basis, like any adult couple would. Is he paying his share of the bills with sex?

I don’t necessarily agree with these examples as being the same as prostitution, but it is interesting to see where the line is drawn and what really is considered prostitution, and what the pros and cons are. It doesn’t have to be “degenerate horny guy” + “skanky drug addict woman” = sex for money = prostitution = morally incomprehensible disaster. I agree with you coneman, if it was legalized and monitored for safety and employee rights, like most jobs, what’s the big deal? Employers could even drug test the prostitutes to reduce the number of “crack who*es”. Women on drugs attempting to prostitute illegally with out a license would be arrested. These people would be tested for STDs on a regular basis. If some guy picks up a random chick at a bar and has sex with her, legally and for free, does he know if she has an STD? Legal prostitutes would make money out of a specific house or brothel. They wouldn’t have to be out roaming the streets anymore looking for “work”. People would come to them. Yeah, it is kinda win, win.

Answer #8

prostitution is a sin? do tell me how it is a sin? are you talking about the sex outside marriage part? because I dont see the cops arresting people who live together and arent married, or who have sex and arent married? how about all the teen pregnancies? lets arrest them the minute the baby is born? Oh and lets start with Palin’s kid for having sex outside marriage, the one who supports abstinence only education (because that worked so well…)

It is absolutely ridiculous for prostitution to be illegal. If it is legal, they can regulate it. You know, mandate they get check ups for STDs and use condoms (where this is actually done, in Nevada, it works… according to studies, prostitutes are more likely to catch things from lovers than clients)… It stops child prostitution. And people dont become prostitutes because they’re lazy… that’s ridiculous… Do you know how many people are sold into it? Forced into it? Beaten and abused? If it was regulated and legal, it would be a lot harder to get away with that… And even if they were in it for the money, who cares? That’s their business. If they want to sell their bodies, how is that anyone’s business? How is that different from porn any how? It’s ok if it is sold to people to watch, but heaven forbid it happen in private?

Answer #9

prostitution is a sin so it should be regulated if not eradicated completely,because its an insult to womanhood

Its the oldest profession IN HISTORY. Its not going anywhere.

Answer #10

ty all I can say is bravo

Answer #11

There are many pros and cons to legalising prostitution, but personally I think the practice should not be legalised.

If you legalise the sex industry you are encouraging people to partake in this “employment” especially if they come from a disadvantage upbringing, for example those from abusive and poor backgrounds as a another option to make “fast” money.

Answer #12

If a guy is going to beat his wife and kids anyway should we legalize that also, besides have you seen how skanky those women look walking the streets.

Answer #13

So you must be thinking volume would increese there for spreading more std’s , its defo a vaild argument but I would be fairly confident even if there was no decrease that there would be no increase,

but what about for the womens protection , so they dont have to work for a pimp or get raped or as what was happening in england last year a guy was killing prostitutes

Answer #14

The logic ‘they’re going to do it anyway’ is definitely NOT the way to go - doesn’t make it right - substitute ‘murderer’ - we could tax and we’d be able to identify and get them help.

Answer #15

zigzaging , amblessed

Ye have seriously missed my point of ‘they’re going to do it anyway’

I say this because I am worried about the women who is not doing it because she is addicted to drugs or whatever else I want to make it safe for the women who has no option left so she turns to the streets to feed her family , would you realy want to begrudge that women

comments like

“” If a guy is going to beat his wife and kids anyway should we legalize that also””


substitute ‘murderer’

are just plain stupid and its obvious you have not tried to understand my point

Answer #16

Well, I think there are other alternatives to prostitution.

Those women can get a respectable job as a waitress or working at a grocery store - most of them are on the streets because they get more money for doing that.

So, because they have a selfish need for more money, we should legalize something that demoralizes women and puts countless numbers of people at risk for STD’s?

It will defeat the purpose of why they’re doing it in the first place - legalize prostitution and they have to pay taxes…I can’t imagine any prostitute who would be willing to give up her body AND her money.

Answer #17

— “” I say this because I am worried about the women who is not doing it because she is addicted to drugs or whatever else I want to make it safe for the women who has no option left so she turns to the streets to feed her family , would you realy want to begrudge that women “ —

^^^ so trafficoneman, are you saying that postitution is the way to go if a person needs money to support their family and is desperate??? your agrument does not stand up mister.

There are numerous decent employments that one can apply for, and working in the sex industry is not the quick solution that you are so eager to point out to us…There are other employment for example, being a cleaner, waiting tables and the list goes on..

Could I be so bold as to ask, do you have a particular interest that you so desperately want this sex practice to be illegalised? hmmm have you been caught out? ;)

Answer #18


very funny ,

ill be honest you make some good points , but I’ve always tought this was a victimless crime if done right . And we the resession hitting us very bad in ireland (there are no jobs) prostitution is on the rise and I just think if its going to happen anyway why not regulate it atx it test them make it safe so anywho is doing it will in turn serve the country and end up doing good

I can honestly say I have never used or will never use a prostitute im happily married but I can empatise with there situtation .

Answer #19

lol so “unemployment is on the rise and prostiution is on the increase”…BUT if the sex industry was to become legalised in Ireland, then would it be fair to say, anyone and anybody can be a sex worker?

The next agrument would be, how would one regulate the practice? would sex workers be allowed to provide their services from home as their place of business?

Also if prostitution is legal, then people who do use the service, would “shop” around to get the best offer and the cheapest one they can find (pardon the pun) ..so there goes your tax incentive theory :)

Answer #20

ah ha ya see I’ve tought this out I would be licensed so to be a prostiution you would have to get a licence witch was reliant on you keeping to certin rules for eg a clean bill of health and whatever else

and you could make it so they have to do it in brothels and tax the brothels or the wemon thats what I mean by regulate

and there is people I know who have lost there homes because of this resession and all im sayin is I would understand if someone turned to prostiution to save their house

and I do realise im not going to convert you to my way of thinking but its fun debateing with you

Answer #21

You might want to do some reading on the legal brothels in Nevada, The women pay taxes, they get checked for STDs weekly, but they are very abused and exploited by the brothel owners. This kind of trade attracts women in desperate situations, so It’s easy for them to be taken advantage of.

Answer #22

LOL, humans never do things right, especially the ones in power… I think you’re being a little idealistic and naiive. Nevada has been doing it for almost 200 years and they still can’t get it right.

Answer #23

prostitution is a sin so it should be regulated if not eradicated completely,because its an insult to womanhood

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