Proposing to her at high school graduation

I want some opinions nothing harsh. I plan on proposing to my girlfriend at my high school graduation,the question is do you think it's a good idea?

I decided that day cause it's a big day for me and I'm in school still for her mainly.

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go for it bro do what you gotta do

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Aw that is so sweet. That is a great idea. Add me as a friend

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ANSWER #3 of 15 naïveté at its purest... Ò___ó

I guess he'll just have to learn the hard way, and become a statistic.

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OMG! that is sooo awesome and cute she'll loveee that!!!

captainassassin- why is it a bad idea? if he loves her that much then why not go for it? I think its an AMAZING idea.

thats not for awhile right?

Good luck anyways:)

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I gotta agree with Ifeelcrazy123...not necaraly on the not gettin married ever...but dude 17?
I've had better ideas high. I say no go. I'm 18 and I've kinda been in your shoes except me and her where together for 1.5 years give or take...that would have ruined my life.
But you do what you want...when you get divorced b prepared to

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I agree with captainassassin that its a bad idea.

you havent even been with yer girlfriend fer that what 2 MONTHS ! and yer consider getting married ? -_- yer 17. marriage is a huge decision that will impact you forever.
at 17, most people dont even know what true love is. yet yer willing to take on this huge

and its a long distance relationship
and you havent even seen her yet
you don't know how she acts or the way she is.
and you're getting ready to marry her ?!

wayy too fastt.
pushing a marriage doesnt necesarily make anything successful
if you truly "love" her, the time you guys marry should not even matter.

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***captainassassin- why is it a bad idea? if he loves her that much then why not go for it? I think its an AMAZING idea.***

Did you not read the statistics? Do you know how long he's been with her? Do you know how well he knows her (not to be confused with how well he THINKS he knows her). I've witnessed this scenario a dozen times, and they've all ended the same way... in FAILURE. Which is why I think its a bad idea...

Oh, and if what Mandy said is true, and he's only been with her for 2 months; then the idea of marriage has just gone from bad... to ridiculous...

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they got together in july of this year.
it says so on his profile (7-18-09)
which is about 2 months.

true love is everlasting maggot4. yu dont need to get married so soon.
honestly, marriage is just a wedding, a signed contract, and a possible change in her last name.
the time of marriage shouldnt even matter if you guys truly love each other.

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Getting married straight out of high school is a bad idea in general (60% fail within the first 5 years). How long have you been with your girlfriend?

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Are you serious?

WHY would you want to get married at 17? Is because waiting to have sex until your married or something...because that is one of the main reasons that teenagers get married. Just because you love someone doesn't mean you should get married.

Also marriage is pointless, it's just a contract, designed to give you certain (very small) tax benefits...which you don't need at 17.

My opinion. BAD IDEA. Wait till you are much older, or better don't even get married.

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Personally I think it would be great. its a big day for all graduates and I think itll top her day. its a day no one will forget and itll make it even more memorable for you two and for all.

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if you really really love her and you are 100 percent you wanna be with this girl for the rest of your life, then why not man, go for it

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thats an amazing idea go for it
if you truely love her nothing should stop u
good luck
your bffe

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When you step up to receive your award, THATS the best time.

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dont do it yet. stay with her a little longer and see how it works out for you.

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