Can someone tell me most of the properties of metals and non metals?

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Metals are dense, conductive, malleable and have (comparatively) low melting points.

Non metals are usually non conductive and brittle, gaseous, or liquid.

There are exceptions of course such as mercury or neon.

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i was wrong, metals have higher melting points and nonmetals have lower. also nonmetals are dull and form acidic oxides(ash)

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1.Malleability-The ability to be bent or reshaped without breaking.Non Metals are not malleable.
2.Conductivity-Metals are good conductors of heat and electricity.Non metals dont usually conduct electricity except for some exceptions.
3.Sonorousity-Metals make sound when struck.Whereas non Metals are not sonorous.
4.High melting and boiling points-Metals have high melting and boiling points.
5.Ductility-The ability to be beaten into thin wires.Non metals lack this property.
6.Hardness-Metals are usually hard in nature.Non metals are usually brittle.
7.Lusture-Metals are Lustrous or shiny in nature.Nonmetals whereas are dull in nature.

Hope that helped.

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8.Oxides-Metals on reacting with oxygen form metal oxides.Non metals don't usually react with oxygen.

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Density-Metals are more denser than non metals.

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