Could someone explain to me in brief detail what a drunk, passed out, or a drugged person looks like?

i really cant see, so can some1 help me out? i need this for my project..

Answer #1

Um well, their eyes look red and sleep lacked.. They look like they are sleepy.. That’s all I know :/

Answer #2

drunk: stumbling, mumbling or loud, holding onto surfaces to stand straight, can’t stand up by themselves/swaying, slurring words, really angry/sad or really happy. drug: depends on the drug but if its pot then theyre just hungry, happy. sleepy, red eyes, sluggish, giggly, smells like smoke and weed

Answer #3

drunk, passed out, & drugged. Breath wreaks of alcohol, sometimes blood shot eyes, heavily sleeps.

Answer #4

they look like a bone head lol

Answer #5

Chilled out…happy …content…if they are rich and hassle free…But live your life like most have to and they look ruff…usually bad skin,hair and eyes tell a lot i reckon ,defo with younger people eyes stand out when they are high.

Answer #6

Out of it

Answer #7

Every one has a different way to respond to being drunk or high. I myself am quite silly. I tend to laugh for no reason but I can’t walk straight. My uncle on the other hand remembers his father’s death and starts to become very depressed. Like others said, they will probably have red eyes, or glassy eyes. They may stumble around, act stupid. Vomiting is another piece of the puzzle if they are very drunk and/or very high.

Passed out…they would be looking as if they were sleeping.

Answer #8

red eyes, may have a rash somewhere on neck, tired looking skin, bad breath, may like to snack alot, looks dazed, more open minded to weriod things, walks unusual, may be more emotional, and usually there clothes are disoriented, as well as hair or possible makeup they are wearing.

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