Program for iTouch---WhosHere?

Okay so I’m really confused. I found some interesting pictures of girls on my boyfriends iTouch today when I was playing with it in class. I didn’t recognize any of them, but they were self taken pictures, not professional or anything. SO I avoided talking to him for the rest of the day and after he called me like ten times I finally picked up and asked him why there was pics of of half naked girls on his iPod iTouch whatever. Ok here’s what he said- - -

At first he didn’t know what I was talking about. So he looked in his pictures and was like …Oh. He explained to me that there is some new program for the iPhone and iTouch called WhosHere. When he was looking at profiles, it would freeze up because the program was still new and he would have to push certain buttons to unfreeze it. When he did that, any thumbnails or pics that were on the page, automatically saved to his iTouch.

Is this true??? I don’t know whats going on with this. I don’t know anything about WhosHere or how the iTouch works. HELP!!!

Answer #1

YES I have the same problem, pissed off this program is so easy to use I know my fiance is using it I’m going to tell him to delete the program today when he gets off work or I’m leaving him that simple. I think it’s made too easy nowadays for people to cheat and lie. sick of this shit.

Answer #2

pleeease answerrr help me out here people !!

Answer #3

never heard of it.

Answer #4

Hi I am one of the founders of myRete, which makes WhosHere. Here are a few things that might help shed some light.

  1. WhosHere is a program to meet new people nearby and far away. Right now it is for making new platonic friends or for dating. In an upcoming release there will be the ability for professional networking and ad-hoc groups (I.e. NYC soft ball players).

  2. WhosHere allows you to look for men and women, women only or men only. That is a little over-simplified, but it’s the gist.

  3. Graphic, naked pictures are against our terms of use (

  4. There is NO special button pushing that is unique/required for the WhosHere application. What I am guessing your boyfriend is describing is the Apple’s embedded functionality to take a screen shot. If you push “home” and “start” at the same time the iPhone or iPod touch will take a screen shot of any screen in any application on the device. This is NOT a WhosHere function. He might be confusing Apple’s ‘force quit’ feature with the screen shot feature just described. Apple allows a user to force quit any application by pushing the “home” button for 6 seconds. The force quit may be used when an application freezes. So it is entirely possible that he is trying to force quit and is accidentally taking a screen shot.

If he has the current version, WhosHere 0.97a, and Apple’s OS 2.0.2, it is quite stable. I have only ever had to do one force quit and that was in WhosHere 0.95

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Steve Smith Co-Founder myRete

Answer #5

I experienced the EXACT same thing with my boyfriend!!! They were self taken pictures too! cept my boyfriend said “thats what viruses look like” YEA OK.. ITS DEF THAT APP! Porn is one thing I mean a completely understand a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do but this program is wayyy too creepy and im not cool with it.

Answer #6

im a current user of whoshere, im actually dating a girl who moved away and for the current time she has no phone so whoshere is our app for communicating as well as many others. for the main topic, your friend more then likely is talking to girls who hes sharing picture with, also the app allows you to trade pictures with other whoshere app owners.and you also have the option to save them to your photo library on your apple device. I love the app, im constantly on it, for the girlfriend but I also get many girls asking for “nude” pictures as well as I hear many guys bombard girls with asking for nudes.

and ng35609n: im also a computer IT. people say there are no “viruses” for apple products, which is true for the most part. theyre very rare since most viruses get embedded in the registry of a pc (not a mac) but since mac has no registry theres no threat entirely, as well iphone and ipod touches have no registry keeping them near impossible to infect with a virus. long story short your boyfriend is lying to you, sorry. nudes are more prevalent then un-nude photos. its an “easy” place to get pictures of nudity but as well its an amazing app to see who lives around you as well as its full of really cool pple to make friends with. I recommend it 100%!

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