How do i get my processor to go faster?


I have a fujitsu siemens amillo A7640w laptop that was made in 2004. It has a AMD 64 mobile athalon processor in it that stay at a constent speed of 319mhz. I know fo r a fact that these processors can go faster then that but i can’t figure out how too get it quicker. can anyone help???

Answer #1

uhh, get a new one? NEW=BETTER.

Answer #2

actually, the processor that i’m using is still being made and is still put in new laptops. so SHUSH YOUR MUSH!

Answer #3

have a look at daras how to:

the only thing id change is the steps of increase.. dara says 5 to 10 but as your cpu has got an original oem cooler and im guessing you havent regooped with a good therman compound id go up in 1 to 2 mhz..

of course im just guessing on that you might well have ;)

if its having none of it try raising the voltage but i dont recommend this unless liek me your actually an overclocker and know exactly what your doin.. raising the fsb should be enough for you

Answer #4

Tried everything you said before. in the bios menu there isn’t an option for increaing the voltage and i can’t even increase the fan speed! it sucks. I have tried over clocking on a 12 year old libretto 100ct and it worked beautifully. but i’m not to sure i could on this computer =[ xxx

Answer #5

oem laptops and computers bla… sometimes the manufacturers remove a lot of the options out the bios, buggers they are.

Answer #6

I know right? its a load of bull tbh! we bought the damn thing so we should be able to over-clock it and melt it if we want to! xx

Answer #7

I don’t believe I have a “mush”…Just because something is still being made doesn’t mean it is new and still works. For example, say you get a brand new cell phone, and you take poor care of it for a few weeks, and it starts acting up. Even though stores are still selling the same exact phone, doesn’t mean that yours should still work. It isn’t new.

Answer #8

The computer is from 2004, it’s not new, it may not work properly, causing the processor to work slower…

Answer #9

fair e’fluff tbh. btw mush, in my language, is mouth. however, the speed of this thing used to be 1.8ghz. last time it was that quick was 2 mounths ago. I think it might just be my laptop.

Answer #10

actually come to think of it, the laptop itself is still in full working order. I’ve cleared the registary, freed up space and I clean out the heat sink every mounth! x

Answer #11

could be, it’s from 2004 right?

Answer #12

Still computers get old, no matter how much you take care of them.

Answer #13

yeah, but i’ve taken such good care of it. When it was new; it cost me over £1000! xx

Answer #14

yeah, but i’ve taken such good care of it. When it was new; it cost me over £1000! xx

Answer #15

yeah, but i’ve taken such good care of it. When it was new; it cost me over £1000! xx

Answer #16

hahaha posted 3 times. anyways thanks for you help! i’m gonna destroy this thing with fire soon anyways. xx

Answer #17

I paid over $1,000 for my laptop, got it around 2006, and took care of it, but now I’m stuck using a big bulky desktop I got free from a friend that was getting rid of it.

Answer #18

that sucks. I have 4 laptops on the go atm. 1.) a 2002 compaq computer 2.) panasonic toughbook (I’m repairing) 3.) fujistu siemens amilo A7640w 4.) 1998 toshiba libretto 100ct!!!

The last one is the best. if they are repaired and restored then they can fetch quite a high price on ebay!! xx p.s. what laptop/desktop have you got??

Answer #19

Well my laptop was Toshiba….The tower to this desktop is a compaq presario…

Answer #20

gratzi, Matty.

Answer #21

Actually this problem bothered me quite a long time too, but recently I find functional software which can fix all these problems just with one click: tuneup360, maybe you guys could have a try.

Answer #22

managed to increase the speed to 798mhz just by changing the battery option/power option to home office desk so alls good! =]

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