Normal to have white stuff coming from your vagina?

Is it normal 2 have whit stuff comin from your virgina..because im very scared and I think it sumthin bad really really scared I need some answer

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Hmmm, did you happen to put any white stuff IN your vagina?

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its called viginal discharge which is normal, its when your virgina cleans yourself, if it isnt white then you may have a yeast infection. or you may be turned on and its cum LOL

I have this white gooey stuff in my vagina!

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it sounds like a yeast infection..go to your local chemist and get canesten and it should clear up...
but if the white discharge that is coming away from you have a bad smell and change in colour you need to see a doctor you might have a infection ..
but try the canesten first and see if that helps..

Why is there white flakey stuff coming from my vagina?
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girl that a good thing all you got to do now is wet your fingers and insert them in then out then in then out till your done and beleave youll know when your done

When I finger myself, I get white stuff come out, what is it?

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you could have a yeast infection... or it could be your normal discharge

Why do I have white creamy discharge coming out from my vagina?
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That is totaly normal, you might be getting your period.

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it is totally normal all women get it. it is the vagina's way of cleaning itself. if it turns a yellowy color or becomes itchy or a different consistency it may be a yeast infection but at this moment in time it is totally natural.

when white clear stuff comes out of your vigena what this mean?

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