What are some pretty, fragrant, perennial flowers I could put in my flower bed?

Please don’t mention Lillies because I already have a lot of those. Thanks in advance

Answer #1

You need to determine what zone you’re in first - use this map here:


Then some other factors - how much shade and how much sun your yard has. Morning sun isn’t as harsh as afternoon sun, so that needs to be determined as well. Then you can see what your choices are and how much maintenance you can afford to do - whether you just want to garden on the weekends or a little bit every day, whether you will enjoy puttering around the garden or you want relatively low maintenance plants, and with perennials it gets even more important that you plan to have something flowering at all times. Many perennials are in their glory for 3 weeks then you’re left with foliage. So if you make sure that foliage is pretty, it can look nice with the next things that are flowering. It can be a very enjoyable hobby as long as you know what you’re getting into :)

Answer #2

I am in the dark green zone, to b more specific in Ohio

Answer #3

So your zone is 6a, remember that when you’re looking at plants in the garden center. Now - what about shade and sun in the areas you want to to plant flowers in? Helps to know if the garden is at the back or the front, and whether the front of your house faces north, west, south or east…

Answer #4

Ok, two suggestions for fragrance - Lily of the Valley, and Peonies. The problem with Lily of the Valley (convallaria) is that it spreads A LOT. And it’s hard to pull out. But most people love it so much they don’t care. They usually flower in May, in my area 6B. The perfume is so exquisite that it will waft into your house if the windows are open. I’ve transplanted it into few spots in my garden, it’s perfect for under big old trees where nothing usually grows, and I’ve seen it’s taken a year or two to produce flowers. So if you’re planning on moving in a year, don’t bother with them.

Peonies are always a favorite. Plant them very shallow - if they’re too deep in the ground they won’t flower. They come in single or double petals, and in a lovely array of colors from white to pink to red, I’ve seen peach colored ones too. Here’s the bad news - they prefer to be planted in the Fall, not the Spring.

More thoughts later!

Answer #5

Thx so much, its appreciated :-)

Answer #6

Give some thought to a Hosta or two… I never used to like them but they really do become the “architecture” in a garden because of their form. And there are some varieties that are fragrant. My favorite one is called “Guacamole,” and has a fragrance that reminds me of sweet soap or hand cream. It’s gorgeous… another fragrant hosta is “august lily”. Some people cut the flowers off and just grow the plants for their beauty, but if you get one with fragrance, they’re worth keeping.

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