Is sleeping a lot a sign of being pregnant??

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Signs of being pregnant for me was

*Being tired/ sleepy
*Sick anytime of eating and or morning I would gag
*Late period or spotting
*Tenderness in your boobs
*Sometimes cramping
*Charlie horses -Not everyone gets them

I hope some of this info helped, I would really recommend taking a test and or seeing a doctor because if you are they start you on vitamins for you and your baby it really helps with the tiredness and health of the baby. Good luck

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It can be a sign of loads of different illnesses. It's hard to diagnosis something from just one symptom.
If you are really worried just take a test.

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When you think you're pregnant, you start having pregnancy symptoms or so it seems. But it's all in your head.

yes you sleep a lot when you're pregnant but it doesn't necessarily mean that. When I get paranoid about being pregnant, I start getting those fatigues too.

To be sure, just go out and buy a pregnancy test. If you don't want to spend hellla money, if theres a dollar store near you, go buy one from there. You may think it's a dollar so it doesn't work but it really does. My friends gets hers from theres a couple of times and all of that time it showed up positive (which mean she was pregnant).

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Yes, sleepiness is a sign...
For me...a couple of weeks before I found out I was pregnant...I was sleepy, hungry, moody etc...

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well im 7 weeks pregnant & although I dont sleep a lot im sooo sleepy & would love to sleep..

unless you are late with your period & you are suspecting it could be that yes you are pregnant or there is something else going on with you,,

either way go get checked out!!

all the best :-)

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I think I might be pregnant as im very tired an moody all the time to my boyfriend an he thinks I am pregs an is happy about it but I dont think I am I took 2tests at a clinic but one was positive an the other negative I have to wait a little longer for my period but I think its a defo sign that I am pregnant an im always hungry :O

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