What are your opinions of pregnant woman going to bars and/or clubs?

Do you think they should, or are they being irresponsible? What if there is no smoking inside the club or bar?

Should they still be allowed to go out and have a good time, or should they abandom that type of activity for the next 9 months?

Answer #1

pregnant women are beautiful! I think they should go clubbin as much as they want! just minus the drinkin and the drugs and the smoking. being pregnant doesnt mean you cant have fun, and have a girls night out. I think thats stupid. have as much fun as you can handle!

Answer #2

If they don’t drink, smoke or do drugs why not! :)

Answer #3

As long as she doesn’t drink/smoke/snort/inject/etc., and as long as she’s not breathing it in 2nd hand in large quantites, then sure, why not?

Answer #4

I agree with you ichibanarky, this was a question that came up with some friends and me a while back. I was just curious as so what other people think. I personally still went to concerts/bars/clubs while I was pregnant. I never drank, all I did was dance and enjoy myself. You would be suprised at the looks that I got though.

Answer #5

as long as drugs and alcohol don’t get in your system. other than that, HAVE A BLAST!!

Answer #6

I don’t think pregnancy should stop women from enjoying life - as long as they aren’t drinking, they should be allowed to carry on as normal…after all, once the baby comes, there won’t be any clubbing for awhile.

Answer #7

As a bartender who had to wait on prego women who did smoke or order a drink I had to do my job, but I will tell you that even if you are well behaved there are going to be customers who will speak there mind, As long as you can ignore that and not get in a fight then I say go for it. Just remember everyone is going to have something to say negtive or postive. you make your choice its your like no one elses’

Answer #8

I see no problem with a woman going to a bar/club as long as there is a no smoking policy…but if a woman is going to smoke while pregnant she will also go to a bar/club that smoking is allowed in. Obviously everyone knows the risks and some people still don’t care or they think “that won’t happen to me”. As for going out and having a good time then I’m all for it (not to drink though). Why should a woman stop having fun because she’s pregnant? The last time I was at a bar was when I was 8 months pregnant with my oldest son (and yes it was a non smoking bar). Obviously for me, my “young, fun and carefree” life stopped the moment I had my son. Not that I would trade the life I have now for anything but a pregnant woman should be allowed to live her life while it is still her own to live.

Answer #9

underwaterophelia You can get bumped into anywhere you go though, even a crowded mall, just as easily.

Also, about the groping, I went with my fiance. I never got groped. Even still though, someone who is not pregnant can get groped just as easy. You can get hit on or groped in a mall also, but it’s ridiculous to say they should stay away from malls also.

You can’t stop from being stressed over things, espcially when your pregnant, stress will happen. I dont see how going to a club or bar, will add stress.

Answer #10

well I use to see it was very irresoponsible and called pregnant women who went to clubs trash I thought it was nasty, ghetto and the person was very young minded but now im finallly pregnant and it’s halloween and I really wanna put on my costume and go out with the gurls besides im only 3 month who can really tell…I just dont know what to do and besides the club does have a lot of smoke but I probably inhale the same amount that I inhale when leavin my local wal-mart when all you have is the employees on break smokin at the exits

Answer #11

My how times have changed… At what point in our society did it not only become ok to be pregnant at a bar, but encouraged? There are so many other alternatives to having fun than going to a bar, I mean really? Not to be judgmental, but how aligned are your priorities. When a bar, is your choice for having fun? Im not saying stay at home in a cage, but I mean come on.

Answer #12

I am months pregnant, and already showing. just last week I went down to downtown, and went clubbing with my husband,and best friends. they watched out for me, got me water, I danced as much as I could, and sat down when my body needed to. I danced in a less crowded area so no one bumps into me, or knocks me in my tummy accidently.I watched my surroundings for any accident, wet floors, drunk, angry people. and with my husband around, I felt safe, I had fun, and would do it again. people whoi noticed that I was pregnant, came and rubbed my belly, asked me if I needed anything and showed concerns for my safety. I think being oregnant shouldn’t stop you from havng fun. just listen to your body…don’t over do it! enjoy..

Answer #13

My sister is and continues to go to the night clubs. Shes 32 and on her 3rd child. I think its disgusting. I think that when you choose to get married and have kids you also choose a lifestyle that accomodates it. Hang up the dancing shoes hun its not about you anymore.

Answer #14

I’m not pregnant yet, but I plan to still go to my favorite hangout with my husband when I am pregnant as long as I am feeling up to it. It’s smoke free and the people are very friendly. It’s a country bar with line dancing which I love to do. I think that doing things that are enjoyable will be good for me and the baby, not bad. As long as I’m not drinking alcohol, inhaling smoke, and I am safe, what’s the big deal? This is 2010, not 1950!

Answer #15

pregnant women SHOULDNT go to bars or clubs, its not about the woman herself but about the babys health, cigarette smoke is very prominent there and alcohol is a NONO…

but its ok if it was an open air concert or party… less harmful chemicals in the open I think…

this is but my opinion so dont call me a feminist just because im thinking of the babys health

Answer #16

I wasn’t thinking about cigarette smoke since we have smoking bans in the bars here…but I agree, where there’s smoke - bad idea.

Answer #17

informer_220 That’s why I said, what about bars or clubs with no ciggarette smoking allowed. There are some around my home. Also, you dont have to drink to be in a bar.

Answer #18

I think it’s irresponsible. Even if the woman isn’t drinking, there are drunks there, and it’s not a stretch to think she may get hit on (or even groped), which puts stress on her and the baby.

Answer #19

its fine with non smoking clubs… oh and I didnt mean you HAVE to drink… but you got to understand that people will be drinking and dancing and you may get hit… so its still 50/50

Answer #20

personally me I think its a little irresponsible, now im not saying a woman should just stay at home locked up, but I do think they should take some responsibility. if youre havinga child, you should be settling down some. once again not saying you cant have fun. I see your point bout the mall but your highly more likely to get hit in the club than the mall. I just dont think pregnant women should be in that kind of enviorment (dont think I spelled that right, my apologies) but thats me tho’. when or if I ever do, you will NOT find me in bar/club. even now you wont find me, I dont have to go there to have fun. but that is me. once again im NOT sayin a woman should drop everything and be locked up somewhere. I just dont believe that a woman would be in a place like that, that is pregnant.

Answer #21

lish54 “I see your point bout the mall but your highly more likely to get hit in the club than the mall.” How is that, I know plenty of bars around here that the max number of people in there is 20 people. Now the mall on the other hand, is packed with thousands. So which is less likely to have someone bump into you, the place with 20 people, or the place with 1,000. Also, bumping into a pregnant woman will NOT harm her. They dont become super fragile just because they are pregnant. I promise.

“I just dont believe that a woman would be in a place like that, that is pregnant.” Have you ever even been to a bar? Or are you basing this solely off of tv, movies, and stories you have heard. There are VERY CALM bars, where everyone just sits around, plays pool, listens to music, etc. Not every place is full of drunk druggies and crowded. I’m not saying go to a club where everyone’s doing drugs, drinking, and it’s packed elbow to elbow. I am saying that going to a bar is fine though. You just have to know the place your going to.

Answer #22

“Also, about the groping, I went with my fiance”

Should be ok if you are going with your partner, so at the very least there’s someone out there who will help protect you and the baby. Would advise against doing it if you are a single mum

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