Can u get pregnant from someone pouring the sperm out of a condom into their vagina?

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ANSWER #1 of 8 the sperm got there isn't important....just the fact that it got there.

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Um, yeah. When the sperm goes in the vagina it runs a risk of pregnancy.

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...I really don't get why someone would do that...why even bother with the condom then?

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lol!the condom is used so that the sperm does not get inside.if it's poured then what's the use of a condom?hahaha

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Of course. No matter how the sperm enters, if it gets in...there is a chance of pregnancy.

Why in the world would a guy pour his cum in your vagina from the condom? That is just stupid? Is he trying to get you pregnant? Why would you let him him do it? (assuming you are talking about yourself)

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Well it would depend on how long it was in the condom in part.

can you get pregnant even if you use condoms and birth control pill
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no you cant.... but thats disguesting!
as soon as sperm hits air it dies.

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yes, because the sperm is in the vaginal canal. However it gets there it gets there and thats where the egg is located so yes you can

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