Could I be pregnant if I have my period?

My boyfriend and I had sex the day before I got my period and I have my period now we used protection but i am still parranoid that i am pregnant could i possibly be pregnant?

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You sound just like I did when I was your age. Almost the exact same words and thoughts. I am telling you because now I am older and wiser and looking back I wish that I had been more mature about things. Your idea of being more mature than most people your age may be true, but intellectual maturity and emotional maturity are two very different things. Most people have the idea that they have found the “one for them” and that the person they are with at 14 years old is the person that they are going to spend the rest of their lives with. Well, guess what, the person that I was with at 14-18 and thought he was my soul mate and that I was going to spend the rest of my life with, he is in federal prison. We were engaged and I got pregnant three times by the time I was 18, the first two I miscarried early on and the third was a almost full term still-born. The still-born was the most difficult, emotional, painful thing that I ever had to go through in my life. You have no idea what it feels like to bury a child when you are only 18 years old. Shortly after the baby died I left him and moved to another city and started to really enjoy my childhood. I dated a few guys and had fun without having sex with them and met alot of people and did alot of things. I had the freedom to live wherever I wanted to and work wherever and whenever I wanted to and not have to worry about a husband or a child or the extremely large cost of living that comes with all of that. Please do not misunderstand me, I grieved the loss of my child and I think about how different my life would be with her and she would be six years old now and I wish it would not have happened the way that it did. But on the other hand she would be six years old with a father that is in prison for a very long time for armed bank robbery, and I would be living alone raising the child and trying to afford everything as a single mother with the father in prison is very difficult because you can forget ever getting any child support. What I am telling you is that I had a large ego at your age too and I thought that I was so smart and so mature and that nobody could tell me any different and even if they did, i thought they did not know what they were talking about and obviously they didn’t know me or my situation because I was very “mature” for my age. I had the biggest chip on my shoulder and my nose up in the air and my ego was the size of Texas and I was sure that I knew everything there was to know and that I was in love and it was going to be forever. Most marriages that start in high school end up in divorce, and if they don’t it is usually because they stay together unhappily for reasons of children or financial reasons. You can do the reasearch online and find out the statistics. I know you will probably come back at me with something like how you are that one in a million exception and I don’t know your situation or your relationship, that is your ego talking. Statistics do not lie. Be young while you are young because you will never have another chance to be young. If you lock yourself into something now you will end up feeling trapped and as if you are stuck in a life that you did not really want. I look back at who I was and how I acted in high school and I wish I could go back and tell myself the truth and give myself a good slap in the face, but I can’t. The only thing that I can do is try to give good advice to teenagers now and hope that at least one of them will take my advice and that it will help. I know most of you will not listen to me because you think you already know it all, or you don’t want to accept reality. The biggest part of it is denial, you want to feel the way you think you do about this person and you are in a hurry to get your life started. You want to be in love, you want to have children, you want to get married, and so on. The reason why you want these things is because there is some type of emptiness that is inside of you, there is a void you want to fill and you think if you hurry up and fill it then you will be happy. My advice is to learn how to be happy by yourself and be young and live life to the fullest. Babies are wonderful, but young women getting pregnant is never a good idea because it stops you from having a full life. Without a child, you could go to college, travel, have fun and live life to the fullest extent. With a child you will have to learn how to finish school and find a babysitter at the same time and then you will have to go straight from school to working somewhere for a low pay rate and also have to pay for child-care and all of the other expensive neccessities that babies require, unless your parents are rich and they are enablers. Try to find a happiness inside of you without wanting someone else to put it there and stop having sex because it is selfish. Willpower is commended much higher than someone just giving into a primal urge because they feel like it and they have rationalized it to the point where they make it seem like it is normal and there is nothing wrong. The honest truth is that there is something very wrong with todays youth and all of the sex and drugs that are going on in high schools and even middle schools. Sex is meant to be special and it is meant for your soul mate and you will be very dissapointed when you do find your soul mate and he does not want to have sex with you because you have given your body to so many other men and the thought of it makes him sick. Trust me.

Answer #2

do not worry about it, you should be safe. I think that maybe you are wanting attention and maybe trying to become pregnant? If you are young then that may be something that your mind is desiring because you do not feel loved and you want the attention and want to feel noticed. Please do not take offense to this, I have been in your same state of mind before several times when I was younger and actually believed that I was pregnant even though the tests were negative and I had my period. It caused me to gain alot of weight because for some reason I wanted everyone to believe that I was pregnant, and then I would make up a miscarriage when I realized that I was not pregnant. But karma hurts in the worst way because when I became older I really did get pregnant and carried my baby for 7 1/2 months and then had a stillborn. I have epilepsy so it is hard for me to carry full term, but back to the point. I notice that alot of young girls 14-19 have a desire to become pregnant and even try to make it happen and it is not something that you want in your life at such a young age. The lack of a father or mother figure in your home could be what is causing you to act this way, or the lack of attention from your parents. You think that if you get pregnant you will get attention, but it will be negative attention and then you will have to grow up way too fast and become a mother way too young. Maybe this does not apply to you and I know that even if it does you will deny it…that’s ok, but please give it some thought and decide what you should do about trying to work out the other issues at hand and worry about a baby later on. If this has nothing to do with you then disregard the message, but I think this post will help many other young girls. thanks

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Ok good, then the answer is to stop having sex. You are too young to be having sex anyways, it is just awkward and painfull and you need to be with someone that you plan on spending the rest of your life with. If you are experementing with more than one partner and you think you might be pregnant, then you may also have an STD. Wait until you are grown up enough to enjoy it and focus on school. I am not trying to talk to you like your mom, I am only 25 years old but I am trying to help in any way that I can because I went through a whole world of hurt when I was your age and if I can give advice that may help I hope that it will. I am not perfect, far from it but I had to learn the hard way and I wish to this day that I would have listened to my mother because after you get a little bit older you will look back and say “what was I thinking?!” Trust me, I know that most people in their teenage years think that they know everything and they think that they are smarter than their parents but trust me you will realize the pain that you put yourself through. Wait until you are older and find your soul mate and make it special with him. thanks

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i know i am young but i have been told many times that i am very mature for my age my view on sex is you dont have to wait until your older if you find the right person you know you love and you both know you want to have sex then you express your love by doing that if you feel it is right i know all about mistakes too i have made many but sex is not one of them

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that post does not apply to me i would rather be anything but pregnant right now i want to be able to finish school and get married and then have a family i dont want to be like my birth mother who did have me at a young age so i know all about teens having babies

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well i know some people that have had there period and were preg. so if you feel like it then take a test. it will releave you.

Answer #8

There is always a slight possibility. Most likely you are not if you used protection. Im confused because in your other two questions that are asking the same question, you say nothing about protection.

If you used protection- then most likely you are not, but if you did not use protection there is more of a greater chance- and yes its still possible even with a period.

More than likely you are not- But the best way to be sure is to take a pregnancy test.

Make sure you fully protect youself to prevent pregnancy, or any type of STD!!

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