Pregnancy and masterbating help!!

Can you get pregnant from masterbating with your finger
Just yourslef??
No one else with you

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you are 15. Some one should really talk to you about the birds and bee's,
you need Sperm from a male and a Egg from a female to make a baby

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This does seem like a fairly obvious question. No offence... But it is actually possible to get pregnant from fingering urself without anyone else. If your finger came in contact with sperm within 8 hours of fingering urself and wasn't washed extensively, there is a small possibility that you could get pregnant from it, because sperm can live on an outside surface for up to 8 hours.

Hope this helped =Þ (thought I kind of doubt it did)

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your finger is not a penis
it does not produce sperm
and it never will
LEARN about sex before you go off having it or getting sexually active
learn about as well as a male and female reproductive system
birth control, contraception, pregnancy and sti/stds
don’t have sex until you know the consequences involved with it
because the main reason why kids and teens get pregnant and get stds
is because of a lack of sex education

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Unless your finger has a pair of balls on the end...

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ummm. NOOO

please do some basic homework before posting questions like this

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