How to get rid of it if I'm pregnant?

I think im pregnant, but im underage. I want to get rid of it! Is there a pill or anything that I can get ahold of to get rid of it?

Answer #1

The morning after pill is effective 72 hours after sex. It is over the counter and available to anyone over 18. Go buy a pregnancy test and see a gynocologist/obstetrician even if you’re not pregnant. You can get birth control for $8 a month without insurance at walmart. Start popping them like pez. (That is a joke, follow the directions)

Answer #2

I think it’s called the plan B pill

Answer #3

Omg you Phucking idiots your not killing a stinking baby. its not fully developed. GET OVER IT gosh damn, she has her whole life to have kids. If she doesnt want it help her out dont try to Phucking convince her otherwise. If your 16 and pregnant and want to get rid of it OH IM SORRY FOR THINKING OF THE FUTURE. god get a life you stupid prechers

Answer #4

Today I had to go get the Plan B pill. Just go to shoppers drug mart of anywhere that selss medication and they have it behind the counter and you don’t need to have a prescribtion so don’t sweat it and it also cost 36 dollars

Answer #5

The morning after pill only works up to two days after unprotected sex. If you are underage they can’t do anything. Its not like LITERALLY illegal. Im 16 and I’m pregnant. They just don’t want teens having sex at such a young age, nothing is going to happen to you if thats what your worried about. You could have an abortion but that is the most horrible thing in the entire world! You baby is alive and can feel whatever happens to it. Just have it and give it up for adoption, give it to someone who can’t have a child. Someone who has always wanted a baby to love and watch grow up! Don’t jus thave an abortion because you dont want it. Think, if your mom had an abortion you wouldn’t be here right now. How would you like that? And you would have had to go through pain and suffering. Do you know what they do to the baby when you have an abortion? They drill a whole in its head (it can feel it) and they suck all their brains out. Then you have to give birth to it!! I mean its your dessision and all, but that is seriously messed up!

hope I helped, xoxo:)

Answer #6

Normally I don’t answer these things but having just read some of the answers you’ve been given I felt compelled to.

Firstly, only you can decide if a termination is the best course of action, just because someone else is against it it does not necessarily make it the wrong decision for you.

Don’t listen to horror stories designed to put you off your decision, they do NOT drill a hole in the babies head and suck the brains out, that is un-necessary cruelty.

First I would suggest researching methods actually used before jumping to conclusions.

It is better to go into this with as much correct information as possible.

In your situation I would say perhaps it would be more traumatic to give birth and give the child up, remember that not only do you have to carry the child for nine months but there is a possibility you will have the physical reminders long after you’ve given the child up.

I would advise a certain amount of caution however, four years ago I developed a medical condition while pregnant which resulted in me being advised to terminate the pregnancy as neither myself or the child would have survived much longer.

Since then I have miscarried twice- there is no proof that the procedure was to blame but I suspect the stress my body was put under did not help.

Only you can decide what you will be able to live with, a termination is not as easy as it sounds, it brings with it a lot of emotions, and questions, very few people will walk away from the clinic not thinking “what if”.

If you do decide to go through with it, than it is obviously the best decision for you, but please do not use this as a means of birth control, learn from this and practice safe sex in future until you are ready to have a baby and give it everything it needs. Good luck whatever you decide.

Answer #7

Getting an abortion is not bad millions of women do it and forget it and bring their as it was before.. If your underage you should not eventhink about keepin it because you have a whole life 2 live…u have an entire life to have babies…getin an abortion is not baa because the baby isnt a baby yet it is minute cell widout life.If your in colg how cld you possibly walk around with a big tummy under your sweater..??yea rite and havin a baby isnt as easy as it sounds and givin your kid for adoption is even worse because your baby is growin up within strangers.. being a mom isnt easy.its a damn big step because you have to devote your life to a anothr persn entirely.. when your young and in colg no 1 will date you or ask you out ever Everyone will tease you and call u “mommy” when you walk by them in colg its fun to watcha baby grow but only when your settled,earn enough and have a spouse at home baby is a big decision you have to b financially strng to raise a baby cmon for how lng your parents will raise are own baby as their.. gettin rid is the best.. after all you have to live with it, not the people who adviced you to keep it..tey will say keep it look after it and they wil 4get and you will suffer all your life..try to look at the brighter side..

Answer #8

It’s unbelievable how wrong these people can be. I never post any answers on these kinds of websites, this is my first time but just like the one above me, I strongly felt the need to after seeing what people have said. Honey, its YOUR choice. You all have no right to tell her she is wrong to decide whats best for HER. They DON’T drill a hole in the FETUS’s (not a baby) head, and you don’t have to give birth to it. You are ASLEEP for the procedure, and you wake up feeling a little tired and a little cramped and thats all. It depends on how far along you are, but for the first 6 weeks, the fetus can’t feel a thing, it doesnt even have a heartbeat, so don’t tell her that she is hurting it. ANYWAY, its up to you, if you are ready for a baby then by all means, have it. If youre able to carry a baby for 9 months and give it up for adoption, then thats the way to go. But, if you feel like you can’t do either of those, terminating is not as horrible as everyone here has talked it up to be. Yes, some people regret it, but some people go on with their lives and they’re okay with it. Sometimes a child wouldn’t be better off coming into the world anyway, (bad parents, rape victims, ill children, etc.) Make the decision for you, and next time you need advise on something like this, don’t search on the internet for it with CLOSED MINDED PEOPLE, use other resources, like Clinics or family or friends.

Answer #9

(the person above me)13 years? and already thinking of knowing a pill?? OMG what is this world turning into.. Go to school and don’t have sex till you get married!!! that is the pill!!! Gosh!! Am a guy and all we think of every time is sex but we don’t think of the consequences until the lady is pregnant. After which we get disturbed and the only thing that comes next is Abortion!!! I wish God can take Sex urge away from our bodies till we all get married and can take care of a baby. I had a baby at 22 and my parents are the ones taking care of her now she 1s 2 years now and don’t even know whom daddy or mummy is. I have only seen her for 2 weeks of her life because I study abroad. Sex is good to us before she gets pregnant, but after she gets pregnant, it can also ruin her life or career forever.. Pls think about it very very well.. Abstinence is the best way to go..

Answer #10

im under age too and I cant purchase any of those pills or pregnacy tests and I dont want my mom to know about it. im freaking out. I need help to know what I can do. I dint use a condom and we only did it for like a minute and he did cum so I dont know but I am really scarred and I ended my period a week before we did it so I guess that means I have to wait and see but if I am pregnant then im going to be in trouble. please help me and tell me what I can do!

Answer #11

if this is really want you want to do then all I am asking you to do is to watch this video if after you watch this you still want to “get rid of it” then you have no heart… what inside of you is a baby… who already has a soul… if you dont want to watch the video then really really encourage you to browse this website will give you all the really facts and information that the abortion clinic dont… you cant just think about yourself because now there is another person involved… there is a baby whos life is in your hands… I pray that you make the right decision… and I would also like to keep in contact with you… please message me for anything… I hope I helped…

Answer #12

If you have a good relationship with your parents, that’s the first step. They can help you make these decisions and go through the process. If not, talk to an adult you trust (school nurse, counselor, etc.). The law protects your privacy in many states.

You can also go to a Planned Parenthood clinic for counseling. They present all the options and help you make the best choice.

Whatever you do, please don’t try to abort it yourself. You will only injure or kill yourself. I know a lot of people are strongly against abortion but this is your decision and your life. Be safe!

Answer #13

Im going through the same thing. Im sixteen. and am freaking out wondering if I am pregnant or not. Every day it feels like I am and everyday I feel even more paranoid. I do not have the heart to tell my parents especially if it will break there hearts. They would be so dissapointed because I had sex with a guy they hate and who I used to hate but now were friends. If im pregnant Im getting an abortion. Im just thinking about the big impact it would have on my future and I don’t want to go through that.

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Answer #15

Do what you believe is best for you. Do what is most comfortable for you, none of these people will ever live a day in your shoes. You don’t have to feel guilty about an abortion or about keeping the baby. Im sure whatever decision you make will be the best decision for YOU. Abortions are not horrible and billions of women everyday get abortions and live regular lives. Keeping it won;t be horrible because you’ll love watching the baby grow etc. The decision is yours. :)

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