Is my dog pregnant?

Hello, I need an asnwer if its possible, if someone can tell me if my dog may be pregnant. We just moved to this new town, and my dog is attatched to one of those doggy pully’s im not quiet sure what they are called, but its a line that goes from one side of the yard to the other while the dog is attactched to a chain and pulley. Well, she loves the outside so we keep her on that during the day, we are always checking on her, but there are times when we would go to the store and she would be alone or a neighbor would watch her. I noticed that last time she went into heat was nearly 1 or 2 months ago, after that she started getting sick. She didnt upchuck or anything, she seemed very drosey and not like her self. She is a very hypergenic dog and is always running around wagging her tail. She loves other dogs, and when my sister bought her female dog over she wasnt normally into the dog as she usually is. She seemed very mellow. Currently this week we noticed she put on weight, she is full of milk and her vuvola if I spelt that correctly is swollen. She sometimes will eat her dog food a lot then there are other times were she would walk away from it. My dog is 2 years old, there isnt another male dog that we seen around our neighbor hood loose, but there are plenty of dogs. I was recently told there was a loose golden retriever running around down the street from my house, but my dog has been like this for a month, maybe even moore. My dog is a full breed dalmation, and my parents used to breed them, they said this is very difficult to tell if she is pregnant or not or if it is a false pregnacy. I was reading upon some things that indicated what happens when dogs have false pregnacy and 20% of then were what my dog is going threw but more 60% of what an actual dog pregnacy is more signs that she is having. I felt her stomach in the back area, she has 2 bumps in there, I can feel them, but its hard to tell with the swelling. Is there any other signs I should be looking for? I cant afford to take her to a vet right now, can someone maybe help me to determine weather she is or not?

Answer #1

hey. my dog is pregnant, too! Im lookiing around for some information. Crue’s boobs and nipples enlarged big time. Its been about six weeks since Boo and her had their fun, and she is starting to gain weight. She really hasnt had much morning sickness. The food situation, just kept bowl of food and water always down for her. So when she feels like eating she can. They get hormonal but just realize that there is little puppies growing inside. I havent took my dog to the vet so dont feel bad and I dont have a fence. Its hard to keep the dog thats in heat from getting pregnant unless you lock her away from all other dogs. I know I couldnt let crue outside if she wasnt on a leash. Its their nature to want to breed. im just very excited to see what they look like,but im super nervous because I’ve never had puppies to take care of. my mom has always fixed the family female dogs. I decided not to. well good luck. the pregnant period lasts up to 63 days, less or more. so there is some little information for you since you havent recieved too much.good luck. im nineteen and I own four dogs I know how hard it is taking care of the brats.

Answer #2

feel her stomach and see if you can feel anything that might feel like a puppy and do this everyday if you think she is pregnant.:)

Answer #3

My pup is pregnant tooo. I have had a pregnant pup so I know how to take care of them.

Answer #4

how should I know

Answer #5

welll hey my name is ali (13) my parents decited to breed my 3 year old akc basset hound with a stud bassett hound her stomac is hard could she be pregnant pleaseee helppp

Answer #6

She does go to the vet, 2 times a year but she is my brothers dog, and hes on vaction right now so she cant go until he returns. I dont know where her vet is and we need a certian i.d card for her to get seen and he has that with him. Normal vets will cost 300-400 dollars if we take her right now. We do take care of her, its not like we dont pay attention to her, we do all the time, im constantly outside playing with her, and shes not outside all day long. But you know anything could have happened when i was making lunch or getting her dog food. We litterly just moved to this town, and sorry the house didnt come with a fence? I cant help that. But i apperciate your advice in trying to help me get help for my dog. Im trying to get her help too, but im 16, theres only so much i can do. Shes my brothers resonsibility but i feel as if she is mine too because i dog sit for him.

Answer #7

I think my dog is preggers too. She is also a dalmation and I cant take her to the vet cause dont have the money rite now at the moment. Im just not sure how to tell if she is preggers or not though. But best of luck to you!!!

Answer #8

Thanks for answering :) We dont have wolf in this area, and the percentage of kyoty’s is a very very small amount, and noticable by someone else, if there was one running around. so i doubt it was one. She is a dalmtion. I just feed her this moring and she licked her food and the pushed it away from her. Could that possible be a sign? Do dogs get morning sickness? I noticed she goes to the bathroom more, I had to take her outside 3 times with in 10 mins so she could go. =(

Answer #9

yah know what depending on the type of dog you have and also the region you live in it could be a posibility that your dog may have crossed paths and breeded with a kiyoty or a wolf but dont get scared at the thought of OH MY GOD WILD DOGS it depends on how the puppies are raised so it could be a possability if i were you i would take your dog to a vet and see…also if it is so that your dog has wolf puppies wolfs are highly treasured by many different programs and breeders so just look in to that just in case you dont want them…I’LL TAKE ONE

Answer #10

dogs do get morning sickness and its a strong posibility she is pregnant…but she might have a blader infection too…watch her and see if she strains or cries or whimpers when shes going also check and see if she poops she could have something realy wrong with her stomach

Answer #11

well if she is getting fat and not eating a lot then yes she is pregnat…dalmations arent really a large breed of dog they are typically skinny…my dog had 5 litters and is on her 6th so I know a little bit about it

Answer #12

Yes your dog may be pregnant because these are causes of dogs being pregnant Breathing hardly/fastly Swollen stomache Milk in tummy Stomache aches *Not feeling well You should atleast care more then ever for your dog when this happens. If these are not happening then you should see a vet. I don’t know how they have puppies but its nature and it happens. It’s a really shocking and amazing thing. If you think your dog is pregnant you should still take it to the doctor so it is checked.Well hoped this helps!!! G o o d L you c k ! XOXO Sweetancute4

Answer #13

Your dog needs medical attention. I know you said you cant afford it but part of owning a dog is having the responsibility of taking care of it’s medical costs. Leaving an un-spayed female dog outside for periods of time, chained, and not in a fenced yard, you are asking for her to get pregnant. She needs to be taken to the vet whether she is pregnant (she needs care), or if shes not (than something could be seriously wrong with her). It is you, and your family’s responsibility to take care of her. Please take her, it sounds like she could be pregnant, but she needs proper nutrition and a health check, especially if she is not eating.

Answer #14

To One lady . I Really Think 6 litters for a Dog of any bred is way to much . so she is 6 years old unless she is bred every Heat . I have breed for 18 years and you skip a Heat and you Retire them by age 5 , and I no Longer breed Only cause . Its not Right and Healthy for the Furbabies.

Answer #15

I hope all is well with your doggie girl. think my great dane is also expecting and she throws up every now and then and sometimes she sniffs her food and walks away and other times she acts like im starving her. She eats like 4 cups a day. I’ve started offering her snacks when she acts starved and I think I see her belly gradualy gettiing bigger, we are playing the wait and see game as well. Its exciting but also not much fun. Just in case your dog is pregnant get hersome kind of whelping box. I bought mine a hard plastic kiddie pool at a yard sale for 5 dollers that im going to line with warm fuzzy old towels and stuff.

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