What are some precautions with having sex with an older guy, when i'm only 14?

I’m 14, and there’s this guy who’s eighteen. We like eachother alot!! he asked if i would have sex with him this summer and i said yeah. i’m really excited. but nervous too. does it hurt? and if the condom doesn’t break does that mean i don’t have to go on the pill?

Answer #1

use ProTeCTiiON CoNDoMs.. The Best.. iiTs a Have Too… aND iiF iiTS RiiPs OFF us3 the after Morning PiLL!

Answer #2

Well you could get on the pill (not the morning after pill, but the one that prevents pregnancy) ^_^ but I think you’re mum needs to approve that and you have to go to the pharmacy and get it. You could use condoms (actually, you WILL USE CONDOMS >.> or you’ll find a very angry g@y boy with an axe outside your window…)

If the condom ripped then yeah, you should use the morning after pill :) but I’m not sure about the details with that so let someone else tell you lol.

Answer #3

If this is just a boy, well I wouldnt have sex with him especially if you just “like” each other plus hes legal and you are not. Regardless, you probably will not care so Yes it probably will hurt if this is your first time, your hymen will most likely break if it hasnt before. Of course you should Use protection, condoms, helps you prevent pregnancy and protects you from stds, also you should get on the pill to be safer. Of course, abstinence is the best prevention.

Answer #4

*If this is just a boy, you arent even dating or anything

Answer #5

14 year-olds shouldnt be having sex

Answer #6

you are way to young to have sex

Answer #7

Sigh, I’m avoiding being mean, really, but this is hard to read. Could you please try to use normal writing in answers? It does hurt the eyes a bit. With that in mind, I agree to an extent. I explain myself in my answer.

Answer #8

It may well hurt being as young as you are. I would strongly advise you to wait at least 2 more years to let your body be better prepared…Not to mention that at 18, he is probably committing a criminal offense if he has sex with you… But… If you do have sex he MUST have a condom on BEFORE he begins. He can’t touch your puss with his member without a condom - even just a little. (A guy leaks when he gets stiff and that leakage can sometimes lead to pregnancy.) If the condom breaks or falls off you need to take the morning after pill as soon as possible. He can buy it for you at any pharmacy in the US. If he freaks out and won’t, you might be able to go to a Planned Parenthood - but at your age they might need parental permission. And there is always a chance you could become pregnant - but with proper use of a condom that is VERY SMALL.

Again, I encourage you to wait. “Liking someone a lot” should not be a reason for sex - especially at 14. And an 18 year old guy that is trying to do a 14 year old girl is not usually a good guy.

Answer #9

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but with him being 18, your sexual activities would actually be illegal. Your vag is likely doing the thinking for you though, so at least try to use condoms, get on the pill if you can, have it right after your period when you are least likely to drop an egg, and take a morning after pill if something goes wrong. I encourage you to try or.al before you venture into actual sex. It’ll open up your mind about what feels good, what doesn’t and what commitment you are making.

It may hurt, it may not. Mine did really really bad, but I’m not everyone. You should take the pill regardless of a condom breaking. It takes two weeks for it to go into effect, so you’ll need to be on it before you have sex, if you can. You don’t just take a pill and erase the baby. Morning after pills will do that to a degree, but it’s more logical to get on a full birth control regimen.

Overall, I’ll tell you that you likely won’t enjoy it as much as you think. It’ll be fast, potentially painful, and far from the orga.smic experience everyone portrays. I wish you luck, but note that you can wait. Seriously.

Answer #10

That won’t help her : \ She needs to know what protection to use and stuff. You probably can’t change her mind..

Answer #11

I don’t want to sound mean, but most likely after you have sex with this 18 year old, (which will be illegal) he will probably stop talking to you because he has gotten what he wanted. Think real hard about what you are planning to do. It will be your first time and your virginity is a precious gift that should be given to the person you love and not to a person who you like and you should know that the person also loves you. This may be something you will regret if you go through with it. But, it’s ultimately your decision, so just make sure you use a condom and you will be even more safer by getting on birth control before you have sex.

Answer #12

Agreed :P I was gonna point that out but I didn’t wanna D: I figured I’d let someone else do it.

Answer #13

WAIT HEAVEN WHAAT?? Having sex with an 18 year old is illegal?!?!?!?!

Answer #14

when you’re really young it is!

Answer #15

First of all there is something wrong with an 18 year old interested in a 14 year old. He is immature and perhaps even a petafile. As a 14 year old you have nothing to offer him but sex. Is it illegal, yes it is. Can he go to jail, yes he can…for a long time and have a record with him forever. If you think you do care about this guy than you’ll stop seeing him for his sake. Like I said there is something wrong with him and he may not have the mental capacity to figure out this a huge problem for you and him. If you’ve already had sex than he has committed a huge crime and it will catch up to him. So the only precaution is the one of not seeing each other at all. Good luck Sue

Answer #16

tell ha

Answer #17

ok i feel really dumb asking dis question and i am 19 but whut is the after morning pill

Answer #18

It’s also called Plan B. It’s taken to reduce your chances of a pregnancy if you had unprotected sex (has to be taken within 3 days)

Answer #19

It is NOT illegal for an underage girl to have sex. It IS ILLEGAL for the older guy.

And the ages of consent depend on which state the activity is happening in.

Answer #20

I’m not going to judge you and other will have already told you to use a condom…

Al I’ll say is bit by bit. If he goes in a bit, then stops, waits a minute then does the same until he’s inside you, it won’t hurt much at all. I never had any problems and that’s the method me and my partner used… and is pretty big… >.<

Answer #21

Yes, what bim said…illegal for the 18 yr old, not the 14 yr old. The 14 yr old is the “victim” in this case

Answer #22

No questions r stupid so dont feel bad

Answer #23

Thats some good advice. Im going to use that advice about he goes n then stops a min :)

Answer #24

Paedophile Sue. That’s got to be the worst spelling of it I have ever seen… I’m sorry, she has nothing else to offer him but sex? How about love? You ever heard of that? I had someone accusing me of having sex with someone older when I was 15, social services came round. You know what they did? Said they was nothing they could anyway because I denied it. Who are you to say they shouldn’t see him?


Answer #25

Can I just point out one thing: You all watch too much TV. Not every bloke who has sex with someone under-age is only doing it for the sex. Jeez.

Answer #26

I’d say don’t do it in the first place. That would actually be a criminal offense on his part and if your parents found out, he could be in a lot of trouble. Oh, and no offense to you but you might wanna think about the fact that it’s very odd that someone his age would be with someone your age. What’s wrong with him that causes girls his age to want to stay away? Just think abut what you’re considering doing and hopefully you’ll realize how creepy he(probably) is.

                             Good luck!
Answer #27

lol, ya spelling isn’t my strong suit. Well family services came around for a reason did they not? Where they just in the neighborhood? Stop and think what a 14 year old has to offer an 18 year old…there isn’t a lot they would have in common. Their interests would be very different and life experiences would be also very different. As one gets older these differences are not so big but when this young they huge. Now would you date a 15 year old at this time in your life? I suspect not and for good reason. What could they offer you? As you get older you will begin to see the red flags that are present in this type of situation. Hmmm….hope I spelled everything correctly. That’ll teach me to have my spell checker turned off. Sue

Answer #28

He can only get in trouble if someone reports it, like her parents. Not every 18 year old is totally more mature than a 14 year old. I dated a 17 year old when I was 14 turning 15 and we had a lot in common including, sports, schools, ideas, dreams. I mean we were a lot alike and I was younger sure, but his experience helped me grow and I learned a lot from my first love. Love is love..if she were any younger I would not accept the idea, but 14 is kind of that age that a lot of people begin having sex and becoming a full on teenager

Answer #29

i lost my virginity to a guy who was 22 and i was 15….it doesnt matter really. if thats what u want who cares

Answer #30

In a lot of states the guy and girl who is underage can both be prosecuted for having underage sex. The guy will probably be the one in legal trouble, but the girl can to.

Answer #31

just dnt tell anyone u fuked an older guy cuz they will probaly tell someone and they will get introuble. after one time i dnt tell ppl anything about that anymore

Answer #32

talk to an adult that you trust and is responsible. it doesnt have to b a parent but they should be mature and be able to talk to you about what your going to do. use CONDOMS!!! Please, please, please!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #33

too manny people say 14 year olds shouldnt have sex and im sure by now your sick of it so im not gonna say that …. but what i will say is … do you really think your ready to have sex… are you able to suffer with the consequences that you might get pregnant. are you mature enough to raise a kid… think about it… only you know that answer

Answer #34

I think if datts watt yu wanna do ndd no one can stop yu denn go ahead ndd do it but PLZZ MAKEE SUREE YU USEE PROTECTION AT ALL TIMES ndd if it rips dey yea yu will need the after morning piil but juss b safee

Answer #35

honestly who care’s go ahead annd do it buut keep it to yourself donnt tell anyone i mean even yo best friendd nobody ..

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