Pranks to get rid of Mom's new boyfriend?

OK so, my boyfriends mom just recently started dating again, and its pretty recent to the divorce. It kills him! the fact that shes dating but the guys thats shes dating are even worse. Just the other day his[[my boyfriend’s]] sister went to pick something up at her house and the “guy” was there in his BOXERS and her mom in her bathrobe. ew. soo me,my boy, and his sister are all plotting against him. NOTHING violent but stuff to make him leave. we’re all 17-18 so none of those elementary kid pranks. we need the good stuff. dish the worst! we’re down! help us get rid of these old creepy men!! ;D

Answer #1

eww! I feel yur pain. this is a little immature, but I wud do the same=D google “pranks” and you’ll get sites based mainly around pranks. LOTS of ideas.

Answer #2

unlike all the dick heads here, I will give you a few.

put about a half a gallon of bleech or chlorine in the guy’s gas tank. that one is brutal.

umm another is, if he has a pool, go ot costco and buy mass amounts of food coloring and dump it in his pool.

leading him to believe your mom is cheating on him. that can be done in many ways. good luck with the bastard

Answer #3

lol…you dont have to have a comback for everyone who doesnt answer your question the way you want them to but your mum should be allowed to be able to date people she needs love and comfort from other people in her life just as much as you do and shes should be alowed to learn from her mistakes if they go wrong without your boyfreind im pretty sure youd feel lonely thats how your mother feels, shes trying to find the right one and theres nothing wrong with finding the guy in his boxers and mum in her robe you guys were out of the house, and thats the time when parents have time to do things for themselves. but theres no need to abuse other people about completely unrelated things when you ask a question your generaly going to get good and bad advice people will tell you what to do, or theyll tell you not to do it if you dont like what you read, stop reading

Answer #4

Talk to her about it, I’ll write the rest of the answer as soon as I get home, lol

Answer #5

You are incredibly immature.

It is not up to you to ruin her happiness.

Answer #6

That is pretty sick that you are plotting against people like that. I am so glad I don’t have people like you around me. Get a life.

Answer #7

ohkay I feel your pain!! I SERIOUSLY hate this guy and he needs to go!!

Answer #8

my mom has a boyffriend hes so annoyin ..he dont do anythnqq jusz waits for her to feed him and all that.. im in the process of makin him think that shes cheating.. started of wll.. lol

Answer #9

oh please you people are so lame. like seriously…the fact that you even took the time to write the responses you did, with the exception of lovestruck, shows how immature you are. you didn’t like the topic then you should’ve/could’ve left. but nooo you losers took the time to say what you did. and duhh its not like we’re 30 and pulling this, we are still adolescents, so stop acting like this is so outrageously ridiculous for us,at our age, to be wanting to attempt. oh and yeah, when she brings home a guy thats not drunk,twice her age, and aint just there to “tap” that. then we’ll leave it alone. puhleeze, its not like as soon as the guy walks in the door we want to/ are going to trip him. how stupid can you people be. duh we want her to be happy, but with someone who deserves her. btw it takes an immature person to point out the qualities of another immature person, so don’t be pointing fingers because 3 are pointing back a you. so congratulations on exposing a characteristic of your own personality.

p.s to nerd. trust me there are tons of people like “me” around you just waiting to strike, and actually I can’t wait till they do. you know what they say…”keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” and who knows how many enemy lists you are on. good luck with that hun.

p.s.s to dart..tell me something I dont know next time mmkay?!

p.sss to underwater whomever you are..go away. k thx

Answer #10

Thank you chochang! yeah its getting outta control. ever since I turned 18 hes been hitting on me, trying to figure out ways to get alone in the house with him. SUPER CREEP! your ideas are brilliant

Answer #11

Duuude Im in the same boat, I cant stand my moms boyfriend so me and my best friend (she lives with me) are making a list right now hahah we’re gonna try to siphon his gas but some others are if he rents dvds fuck them up so he’ll have to pay for them,balongna on his car, nair in bodywash, put like dogshit or a stink bomb under his seat, spray weed and grass killer on his lawn at night..I don’t know some we came up with and others we googled…good luck (:

Answer #12

my mums boyfreind is a dick and I need some help to rid of him

Answer #13
  1. Today my dog started barking at my my moms boyfriend.He told Moka my dog to shut up I could here himm from across the house. So I marched in there put my finger up and I said’’you dont tell my dog to shut up youre the one who needs to shut up’’!!!So I grabbed moka marched out of the room and started talking loud so he could hear me in the living room he turns the tv up so I just talk louder.My mom was right there I wasnt afraid she was there.

2.Wondering what room he was in my moms !!! yea laying iN the bed TOGTHER!!!

  1. THE BRA AND LIPSTICK thing never works unless you get one thats not your moms size

  2. I have no where 2 o in life I just about hate my dad

5.I have no where tO GO IN LIFE

6.BACK TALK IM IT WORKS with your mom around so she can hear but pretend you dont know shes there then say a lie like ‘’why do you have a bra in your car thats not my moms size so whered ya get it’’ or say ‘’ whyd you hit me ‘’ or why are you so mean to me!!!

take my advice give me advice please!!! im 11

Answer #14

talk to her about it, and I don’t really think she’ll listen to you, she wants to love just like other girls, I mean, I don’t see any problems with that, and if she really can’t let go of him and he’s a bad man, then she will learn from her mistakes when she figures out he’s a bad one.

Answer #15

eww I know want uring there my mom is dating a jerk. the answer is tell your mom and make it sime that it was his fout

Answer #16

Don’t mind these losers with this immature crap. Desperate times For Desperate Measures. So this is what to do. Find out his email address and then make a new one for yourself under a false name. Get some explicit pictures of some porn star or something and send them to him. Also converse with him under your false identity and talk dirty. Make sure that you say your a lot younger than he is. if he’s 40 say your 25. Older guys go for younger girls. After you get him hooked she if you can manipulate him into breaking up with your mom. If he doesn’t ( and you’ll know since she’s your mom) copy the conversations and send them to her. I’m 14, I just made that up on my own and I’m using it to get rid of my mom’s boyfriend. GOOD LUCK :)

Answer #17

I like the answer that chochang gave. (nice answer by the way), but I want to take it a step further. (This actually worked for me) Get his email and make a false one for yourself. email him like you said and talk nasty, nude pics, the whole nine yards. Once you get him responding get him hooked (it may take a while). Get a place that you want to meet him and tell him a time and a place. Print out all the conversations that you’ve had with him under your false identity. Get your mom to go to the place that the “sexy woman” is supposed to meet him. (arrive 15-20 mins. before the scheduled time) Once he pulls up you and your mom get out of the car and confront him. (do it in a public place so things don’t get too nasty) show your mom all the emails and prove that he was going to cheat and that should be enough to prove to her that he’s not a good man for her. Hope I helped! -ap927

Answer #18

screww u bitchh !!!! _underwater personn go fuck urself ! anywaysss .. bahaha tell him a mean and weird story that happen to ur moms last bf ! or like somethin like ur gonna chop off his eyebrow !!! hehehe !

Answer #19

oh give her a break nobody cares what you think

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