What's a good senior prank?

my school is really boring. what would be a good senior prank that everyone will remember

Answer #1

have a bunch of people bring that hair dye spray in the school colors and spray the principal with it every time someone sees him.

Answer #2

Lol dry wall all the doors in the vocational building at night. Stink bombs in the main air conditioner unit. Cut the power off for the hole day. Move every desk into the hall way(best to do at night after sneakin in)

Answer #3

lace the cafeteria food with x-lax

caution or police tape the student parking lot off

Answer #4

This prank will get you in minimal trouble. Get evry one to contribute money and get like 200 of those little uber bouncy balles and have people drop them all at the same time in the hall

Answer #5

weed killer of football field spelling out a mildly entertaining swear word..best not to right your name

Answer #6

you guys are retards.

Answer #7

what bout, when pe is beguinning and everyone goes out, tie all da shoe laces together.

or you cud swap all peoples stuff together…

Answer #8

to be rude to a senior is the worst prank in the world, but to avoid not respecting them is even worst. bye

Answer #9

I dont no but heres a small 1 : stick something sticky on the toilet seats lol. Pretty rubbish I kknow.

Answer #10

get a group of seniors to buy baby diapers and then throw the bottoms of the diapers into the school pool. I’m not exactly sure of the science innvolved but from what I’m told the pool will become like gelatin. Just don’t get caught =]

Answer #11

Scattering bird feed on the football field and releasing chickens. Cutting the power to the school air conditioner. Shutting off the main valve to the gas in the science lab. Changing the bell schedule. Stink bombs. Taking over the morning announcements.

:) But don’t get caught and don’t tell them I told you.

Answer #12

you should block off the school parking lot with caution tape or you should silly string the girls bathroom

Answer #13

smoke bomb. easy because theres not much noise. light it, drop it, walk away. only do this between classes or people will look at you.

Answer #14

Take all the chairs out of your school auditorium and then put a few in the middle with the year you graduate and put the rest in the ecosenter or in front of the doors

Answer #15

put those easter peeps into peoples lockers, (-tear the bottoms off so they are sticky) sprinkle that grass seed that sprouts with out water, but with sunlight- onto carpet like in principles office next to a window :D place as many desks as possible into the gym.

Answer #16

Kind of late for me to answer, but last year the seniors took pictures of someone’s bare rear end, and made HUNDREDS of posters that said ‘Kiss our cla(picture here) of ‘) “08 goodbye! They posted them EVERYWHERE! Even the cars in the school parking lot.

Answer #17

get about 10 ketchup packets and put on the bump parts of tolits and let them be and see when some 1 goes 2 take a poop they got ketchup on them

Answer #18

put loads of stinkbombs in the school and get someone else to do something else and distract the teachers. JUST DONT GET CAUGHT!!!

Answer #19

get a couple of chickens and let them loose in the dining hall at lunch!

hide like 20 alarms set to go off 1/2 a minute after another 5 mins into assembly, people will think the first one is a mobile phone, but they won’t in 2 mins! the teachers reaction to this was great… hilarious

bubble bath in the toilets

replace the hymn in assembly( if yours is a religious school) with any well know pop song everyone knows the words to - wonderwall by oasis is good!

teepee the school of course

put up loads of wanted posters with the teachers names on round the school- make it funny not rude

one year they booked a stripper to come and strip for a guy during break… that was good! a teacher had to escort her ‘of the premises’, she walked through the whole school nearly naked! and speaking of that…

get a brave soul to streak round the school, they’ll need to cover their face obviously, and make a quick getaway!

that’s all I can think of for now lol

Answer #20

a couple of years back the seniors borrowed uniforms from their friends who went to other local schools. the teachers got confused when all these ‘random’ students from ‘other’ schools walked into the hall for assembly

Answer #21

buy a bunch of rats or mice, breed them and let them loose in the hallway and lockers

Answer #22

who I really like that one about the pigs and chickens and the one about attacking the freshman. even though im going to be a freshman next year. I think it would be hilarious if water balloons were thrown at us.

Answer #23

my school had 1 penny per person. then at graduation once they got their diploma they each handed their penny to the principle while shaking his hand. (a couple years before this they used marbleS) the principle got so confused and had no idea what to do with all the pennys. so the last person to hand in the last penny said “I hope this helps with the budget.” (our school was so big on this one budget) so in the end. our principle was stuck with 400 pennies and no where to put them :D its funny its harmless and you cant get in trouble for it.

Answer #24

this is hard to do but it kicks as*…my friends last year hacked into the intercoms system and broadcasted their own little radio station all day and the teachers couldnt turn off the intercoms it was hillarious and everyone in the entire school remembers it.

Answer #25

put sawdust in the gym

Answer #26

my school has tunnels under the school…I think only my dad and older brothers figured this out…but anyway put a fake person (blow up person) down there and eveyday at a certain time have somone shouting “HELP ME!” and other stuff…when they find the body have it wearing a t-shirt w/a class of insert class name here…you don’t even have to use a fake person!use the skeleton from science class!

Answer #27

mmm. Hang toliet paper around the school?

Answer #28

or get a boat moder and put it in the pool then put soap in the pool and start the motor it will fill the whole room with bubbles

Answer #29

for ower prank day were planning were going totake the air out of the tires of all the buses and attake the 9th graders with water guns and ballons

                                                                                                have fun and dont get  caught
Answer #30

you could put instant jello in the toilet - no one would be able to use it …and you know there’s really only one way to get that out

Answer #31

haha let a goose out in the cafiteria it will fly around and it will pooop on every body

Answer #32

If you have locks on your lockers, this is a good one. When you clean out lockers at the end of the year, everyone needs to put an alarm clock in their locker. You need to get it organized so that every 2 minutes, another one goes off.

Answer #33

i do watch that but i want something orginal

Answer #34

Buy a lot a glow sticks and then someone turns off all the hallway lights orr and you break the glow sticks and throw it everywhere!.. Or use silly string too.

Answer #35

Watch High School Stories on MTV. Maybe you could get goldfish and put them in the toilets in the bathrooms.

Answer #36

Well, some guys I went to school with put 50 chickens in the lunch room.

Answer #37

het all of the seniors and juniors to ride the bus instead of driving

Answer #38

turn a bunch of goats after you give the a laxitive my grandaddy camp did it

Answer #39

I need a good senir prang people’s ppplllzzz HELP!!! Weve onle got 5 days left…\

Answer #40

at my school the seniors blocked the main walk way all four sides and everyone parked in the teachers parking spot, then this year the seniors welded a crashed up car to the lamp post at the entryway of the school.

Answer #41

2 seniors at my school planned this from February. Ok so these seniors took Gnomes from ppls yard and maybe bought some from somewhere and put them all over the school even on are principles truck Mr. Campo on the last day of School. But no one knows who did it b/c if they did get caught you wouldn’t be allowed 2 walk with your graduates and graduate but these guys got away with it. cops were everywhere and the gnomes were posted on several websites.So try it out if you like unless you wanna get caught. Try wearing something so no one knows who u are and don’t wear that 4 a while cause someone will know sooner or l8r!!! Hope this is a good 1!!! ^_^ THX Kelsey =]

Answer #42

pick lock a 50 locker then put like at least 1 or 3 condoms in each locker with lotion and little but of water then in the hall ways put lube and cooking oil on the floor then for if your a boy going to prom wear a dress with a wig

Answer #43

at my school some kids filled up a ton of cups with water and set them down all over the school you could hardly walk without stepping on one

Answer #44

at my school some kids filled up a ton of cups with water and set them down all over the school you could hardly walk without stepping on one

Answer #45

last year the senior class got into two teams one team wore white and the other wore black and they all brought in those plastic light sabbers then they highjacked the intercome and put the starwars soundtrack on and they had a HUGE epic battle in the main hallway and people handed out water balloons to throw into the middle of the huge fight

it was funny seeing the teachers get hit with the sabbers =]

Answer #46

rent 3 animals. preferably barn yard animals. (pigs would be best) the take a piece of cardboard then with a sharpie write the number 1,2,4. let them loose in the school. my sisters friends did this and they got school canceled for the rest of the day and didnt get caught. hte admistratin will spend a lot of time looking for the nonexistent 3rd pig. haha you didnt hear it from me.

Answer #47

you can get arrested for this unfortunately

Answer #48

you will get arrested for this. happened at my school a year ago. its a major health hazard.

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