Why do you think people turn into serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer?

Do u think its bc its something messed up in there heads or that they r being controlled by evil (demons)? just a questiuon. curious for other opinions

Answer #1

Mmm.I think it is something in their head such as a mental problem…big mental problem..but it’s not very likely in my opinion for them to be controlled by demons..not that i don’t believe demons exist.

Answer #2

its pretty sick wat ppl do to each other. i heard of this one guy who bashed a babies skull in and ate its brains and kept his head as a decoration. that was just one og the things he did. and there are many other serious sickinin things ppl do like that. i just wonder how messed up in the head u have to be to do that to some1. makes me think they r demons on earth. sometimes

Answer #3

theres just summet f**ked up in their heads..

is it 5 kills before your classed as a serial killer?

in any case who in their right mind would get enjoyment from killing loads of people.. i just cant see it..

those crazy barstards.

Answer #4

I don’t think they’re being controlled by evil demons….unless you mean personal demons? Jeffrey Dahmer said that he was born with a part of him missing, whatever that means. Some serial killers blame the way they were raised, some blame pornography (Ted Bundy). While I do agree with ItalianBabe33 that there is probably something abnormal in the brain, the backgrounds of most serial killers suggests that a traumatic childhood; it’s very possible that these childhood experiences (physical abuse, sexual abuse, being locked in a basement, etc.) can turn these people into social deviants. Most of them cited the 3 red flags of their childhood, bed-wetting, setting fires and torturing animals. But then there’s a lot of people out there with a history of abuse in their past who aren’t serial killers or abusive, so it’s more a correlation than an actual cause. To be honest, I don’t think you can pinpoint just one thing. To do something so evil as to mur.der multiple victims, I think it has to be a little bit of nature and a little bit of nurture.

Answer #5

An interesting book I read was a book by Miki Pistorius about serial killers. She was a top serial killer profiler back in the 80’s I believe. Also I have a collection of serial killer books. Interesting in almost all serial killers you see sexual abuse in their childhood together with the lack of proper father figures and strong mother figures. They then don’t develop a conscience. Also they are as children very sensitive children who aren’t stimulated in the correct way. I believe it is a certain personality that gets the wrong stimulation by his (hers are rare) environment and then that causes him to become a serial killer.

Answer #6

its crazy. i seen a pic with a broom shoved all the way in this girl. all the way up to the broom part. like have u ever seen spit on ur grave? i no its a movie but stuff like that really happens. ppl r evil. i dont see how anyone could do these things

Answer #7

Because they are mentally disturbed to the point that there is no limit or restrictions to their actions vs their thoughts. We are all serial somethings but they just crossed the line. We all have patterns and bad thoughts but they act without fear as if the world will end if they didn’t. Crossing the line is the reason why they become serial killers. They reach the point of no return and cannot help themselves after that. They killed someone and got away with it. Getting caught then and 20 kills after wouldn’t make a difference to them at that point. They just continue and then some actually get worse by trying to play with the authorities.

Answer #8

People are insane these days.It is soooo horrible and discusting.

Answer #9

That was not the case for the Night Stalker AKA Richard Ramirez both his parents were there his uncle was a vietnam veteran no one knows why he was the way he was the only violence he ever saw was a fight between his uncle and his girlfriend but the same uncle would tell him the horrific stories of vietnam and how they got away with raping the women and then killing them and what not and he grew into one of the greatest serial killers known to man i actually write him myself.

Answer #10

wat do u mean write him?

Answer #11

wat about countess elizabeth bathory… she was rich!! didnt have problems. nd she is crazy as hell

Answer #12

Alot of serial killers have their reasons some will say they did it for the devil others will say they did it for god and punished the bad some say they did it for fun. everyone has their own mentality they had a whole thing on the Bio Channel for serial killers and what makes them tick you all say its mental problems but alot of the psychologists who did tests on these killers said they were sane and knew right from wrong…..some of the more famous ones didnt know it too much but they knew what they did was wrong and didnt care….i mean no one is gonna know but them…….they did say in Richard’s book however that once you kill your more tempted to do so again. Richard described it as a druggie looking for a fix. once they got it the first time they were hooked and continued….a psychiatrist who was on the program im blanking on his name said for serial killers like richard who had no links between suspects it was an addiction to see humans brutally beaten and in order to get his fix he had to do it himself.

Answer #13

He is on Death Row in Quentin State Prison I write him every other week or so whenever i get a letter from him.

Answer #14

wow… so how r his conversations and y do u talk to him?

Answer #15

thats crazy. see i think its not all metal problems either. bc they know wats rite nd wats wrong. they just dont care. it gets easier for them time after time. i would think its demons working through ppl. i dunno tho. but thats my theory. they just target weak ppl sometimes who r close to giving up anyway. like the abused ones and beaten ones.

Answer #16

Umm I started after i read his book…their is a website that tells you how to write to them and goes on explaining it keeps them at ease because alot of families dont want anything to do with him or her,,,,and to be honest we have some really good conversation i mean your not allowed to talk to him about the reasons why he is in there unless he says its ok which he has i mean other than that you would think of him as a normal human like you and i…funny this is your question though because in my pschology class we are learning about the mind of a serial killer and im doing my report on the one i can talk to and ask questions to so i hope i get an A

Answer #17

i hope so to girl…i would like to write one as well. just to see wat its like. im very curious about these things. does he tell u why he did it?

Answer #18

yeah he did once i had to send him a pic they make deals like that it was whatever it wasnt a nude or anything just a regular picture so he could see who he was talking to. he has lots of reasons infact three pages worth that was the longest letter i got from him

Answer #19

i wanna know y? can ya boil it down to maybe a short paragraph? if ya want.. if u feel like thats wrong then its ok. just curious

Answer #20

Hence why I said almost all and not all. Also if his uncle was telling him things like that then it is mental abuse, hence the abuse factor comes through.

Answer #21

Its not really considered abuse……it wasnt harming anyone or so everyone thought but lots of kids during that time were told graphic war stories such as that and they are fine…..besides he was one of those guys who came up sane on his psych val. he did it just because it sounded fun….he didnt care about the human population….not many do. btw soliders should be considered serial killer….YAY double standards.

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