power point make the background colorful?

how do you make the background colorful and how do you make the slides change by itself without clicking?

Answer #1

right click format background - choose a fill/picture

animations custom animations advance slide (top right) automatically after _ seconds

Answer #2

When you launch the PowerPoint program, it may ask you what kind of document you want to create. Choose to create a blank presentation.

PowerPoint will then present you with a New Slide dialog box, where you can choose what kind of layout you want for your first slide. Choose the Blank slide layout, the one in the lower right corner.

Now you are in PowerPoint’s editing mode. It’s here that you build your slide show, creating new slides, inserting your images, and accessing all of the tools that PowerPoint provides. The viewers of your slide show will not see this editing display; they’ll see only the slides themselves filling the screen.

In the editing display, you will see a white rectangle on the right. This represents your first slide. Onto this slide you can place images and text.

To put a title on a slide, select Text Box from the Insert menu. Click and drag a text box across the blank slide. Type the title. Use a large font size to ensure the audience can read it at a distance. You can change font and size by selecting the text, and then choosing Font from the Format menu.

To add a new slide, choose New Slide from the Insert menu.

To bring in a picture, choose Picture from the Insert menu, then choose From File. Locate your image file, click the Insert button, and watch the picture appear in the document. (If your picture seems much too big or too small, do not stretch or shrink it to fit. Go back and change its size with a photo editing software title like one from the Adobe Photoshop series. Remember that excessive stretching and shrinking in PowerPoint reduces the quality of your image.)

To draw on a slide, open the Drawing toolbar by choosing View – Toolbars – Drawing from the menubar. Then select a shape or a line from the Drawing toolbar at the left of the screen. Click and drag across the slide to draw the shape.

To view the slide show, select View Show from the Slide Show menu. Click the mouse to go on to the next slide. Press escape on the keyboard to exit the slide show.

To change the background color of the slide show, choose Slide color scheme under the Format menu. Then choose the Custom tab, and click on the color you want.

To make a slide open with a dissolve or a wipe, choose Slide Transition under the Slide Show menu. Squeeze the pop-up button under the picture to assign a transition to this slide.

To create forward and back arrows, use the Slide Master under the View menu to view the master elements – those elements that appear on every slide. Use AutoShapes from the Drawing toolbar to select a right-facing arrow. Click and drag to place it in the corner where you want it to appear. Select it, then use Action Settings from the Slide Show menu and assign this item to jump to the next slide. Repeat this process to create a left-facing arrow to jump to the previous slide.

To put a shadow under a picture, use the drawing tools to make a box just a little bigger than the image. Select the color for this box. With the box selected, use Send Backward under the Order section of the Draw button at the bottom of the screen to place this box just under your picture but above the background.

To use PowerPoint clip art, under the Insert menu, use Picture then Clip Art. There you will find lots of little pictures to choose from. They will appear on the slide, where they can be repositioned and resized to fit your purposes.

To make several images appear on a slide one after another, first place all the images on the slide where you want them to appear. Choose Animations – Custom from the Slide Show menu. Choose the Effects tab. Select the image you want to animate from the list (not from the picture). Then select an Entry Effect from the drop-down menu then the Animate button on the right. Click OK to close this window. When you run the slide show, the images will appear one after the other as they mouse is clicked.

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