Can someone tell me what poutine is?

I have never heard of it before today!

Answer #1

Omg you poor poor girl! They are french fries with cheese curds and gravy. Apparently they’re only common in Canada, I was shocked to hear that a lot of people in the States that haven’t heard of it either. They are SO GOOD.

Answer #2

Eww…sounds…lovely. Mind you i can’t talk my country invented haggis and deep fried mars bars…

Answer #3

Nooo omg, they are better than chili cheese fries! Seriously!!!

Answer #4

really sounds weeeird!

Answer #5

what???? i have never heard of these either

Answer #6

What one? a) poutine b) haggis c) deep fried mars bars d) chilli cheese fries

Answer #7

I have never heard of A or B

Answer #8

I was speaking to an American friend the other day, and when he asked me what poutine was, because I was eating some at the time, I freaked out. You are all missing out.

Answer #9

:/ dang it

Answer #10

i doubt they would sell it here, if i was really lucky i could go into a chippy and ask for cheese and chips in a poke, but never in a billion years would they put gravy in it to, and if they did they would charge me double the price :P

Answer #11

It’s so weird that they’re not Common in the States, you think USA then you think junk food lol. You guys should really try it any chance you do, they are amazing.

Answer #12

I will have to find some lol. maybe they have it somewhere. Maybe called somethin else tho.

Answer #13

Im in scotland, and i would have expected it here too, but i’ve never seen it either!

Answer #14

I have heard that in Japan and other contries they have pizza hutt but they have different things on the menu. Like a bacon wrapped pizza calzone??? somethin of the sort. Why dont we have that? haha it sounds good

Answer #15

YEA! Pizzahut in Japan is so different :O I had pizzahut in Hong Kong several years ago, they have pizza with this fish on it and they have funny ice cream flavors and funny drinks.

Answer #16

Pizza hut here is just normal, nothing special, although me and my pal do go so often that the waiters and waitress’s (??) know our names and what tables we like :P

Answer #17

haha pizza hutt is good. Best pizza around. I used to like papa johns best but they made me sick the other day :/ i love the honey bbq wings.. dang it now i am so hungry. I found a seafood place for lunch. want fish and chips but i doubt they will impress me. the last time i had fish and chips was in New Zealand and they were to die for

Answer #18

I’ve never heard of it ether. You would think Wisconsin who’s big on cheese curds would have places serving it. Actually when I was younger we used to eat fries with gravy poured over them (like people do with ketchup or cheese, today) I think I’d be hooked, if I tried poutine…Yummmm!!!

Answer #19

TRY IT! :D You won’t regret it. I always feel so incredibly guilty after eating one though.

Answer #20

what is a cheese curd? is it like a cheese stick? i guess we don’t have these in Texas…

Answer #21

I’m going to have to make my own…but it sounds good enough that I just gotta try it. Thanks :)

Answer #22

Janice!! Do you know they also don’t get Coffee Crisps in the US?

Answer #23

Omg pink pearl I loooove coffee crisps ^.^ I always stock up a whole bunch whenever I go to Canada! I wish we had ‘em over here.

Answer #24

here in maine what some people do is they have french fries, with shredded cheese, and gravy :) it’s really yummy!

Answer #25

Coffee Crisps too, now???? What else is Canada withholding from it’s neighbors….Hmmmm ????

Answer #26

Well I know that at McDonalds over there, you guys have a diff fruity drink. Its gooood. And the McChicken is much better over there. AND you guys have a White Spot ;d We dont have those.

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