Posting on here rather than searching on Google?

I have only been on this site a couple of weeks or so and looking through many of the questions can’t help wondering…Don’t people know how to search for answers on Google?

While I appreciate some questions are looking for direct responses from people with experience of the issues, especially those relating to health and relationships, many oanswers to the other questions can be found in great detail just by a quick search on google.

I suspect it would take less time than asking the question on this site.

Can anyone suggest why people do not try this first?

This is not a complaint, I’m just curious!

Answer #1

well sometimes people just dont think that far ahead! its better to try both though…because a lot of people on her just give you answers they searched for on google…but the problem with that is that half of them are wrong and lead you in the wrong direction…sometimes commonsense is als good

Answer #2

I like this kinda sites… Because..

  1. The answers are more personal, come from real people..

  2. and sometimes I like it if the answer really from a real experience..

  3. you can ask everything.. funny question, personal question, everything.. And you can also answer what you like.. hehe..

  4. And People who answer the question are more objective.. because they don’t know you…

Have Fun..

Answer #3

Funny enough, that is how I ended up here.

Talk about fate, I posted this question 20 days ago and now I am an official advisor on this site.


Answer #4

hahaha The Dude is awesome

Answer #5

^ that’s true I found funadvice through google :)

Answer #6

I think thedude’s answers are right - sometimes I want a fact (so Google will do nicely) but sometimes I want people’s opinions, experience or a discussion. I first came here when I’d googled a very obscure question and found absolutely no constructive answer. My question was answered, and so I started asking more, and replying to other people. The community aspect of the site is great.

Answer #7

Probably because:

  1. it’s more personal, even if it’s the same answer
  2. it’s more fun (eg, you have an opportunity to meet & learn who gave you the answer, etc
  3. Sometimes, people don’t need an answer right away (like Google or Yahoo Search) they want to post something, come back in a few days, and then review the answers.

Especially in the last case, it makes more sense to use FunAdvice than to use a search engine…at least in my view :)

Answer #8

It’s also my understanding that sometimes when people search for certain phrases on Google, it leads them to us. So perhaps they did search on Google, and Google brought them here.

Dara (aka editor)

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