Does wearing vans make you a poser if you don't skate?

I wear skate shoes (vans) but I dont skateboard, does that make me a poser?

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no I dont think so
besides people who arent posers wouldnt care what they look like lol
so better get a cover-up working

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no it doesnt matter.
I mean as long as you like the shoes..
its just shoes most skaters wear because theyre good for skating.

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I wear Vans and I can't even stand on a skateboard!!! Just because they are sometimes classed as skater shoes, does not mean you have to be a skater.

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no, shoes are there for anybody who wants to wear them
you dont need to play a certian sport to wear a certain shoe
(unless they had spikes in the bottom and that)
its a comfort thing, if there comfortable to you, wear them
and if anyone asks if you skate, just tell them you dont

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Nope Its Perfectly Normal

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No I don't think so.

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No, you're not a poser. If you like the shoes, wear them. :)

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Nope. Wear whatever you want. If you get called a poser just tell em to eff off.

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naw, I got me some vans. there comfy and cool


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I dont really care what I look like its just the only question I could think of

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no haha

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no. skater shoes are hott.

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shoes are shoes
and its about the person wearing them
for the most part

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