How come none of my more popular questions aren't getting any points?

what are the guidelines for earning these points?

Answer #1

Points are no longer being given out for asking questions - only for rated answers, How To’s, and Tips.

Answer #2

You no longer recieve points for asking questions…members were abusing the system and stealing questions from other competetor sites or just asking nonsense for the points.

Answer #3

why cant one of you admins regulate the point system?? i mean you guys know if someone has a legit question, if admins have so much power, why not to regulate since you guys already are the kings of the site right?

Answer #4

And what do you expect us to do, sit in front of the computer 24 hours a day, watching in case some user wants to try and defraud the system? Honestly, we have other jobs to do other than watching the question board all day long. The simple fact is that some users decided to take advantage of a good thing and ruined it for everybody else - your beef is with them - not us.

Answer #5

aww…thats not fair

Answer #6

Maybe not, but you should be saying that to the people who abused the feature…not the admins. In order to keep the site running, the admins have to do what they have to do. Would you rather them take the point system away completely? They are trying to keep a good thing going for those of us who appreciate it and don’t abuse it.

Answer #7

my beef with you admins is because you dont do anything about it but sayin ‘oh too bad the majority screwed up so you all have to be punished…’ honestly there are quite a few of you admins, and you could input a feature, since you among other admins answer most questions anyway, give points to the people who ask LEGIT questions and dont give em to the stupid kids who abuse it. not to mention with the admins that are around the world it wouldnt be 24/7 that you would be on the computer… but of course most admins dont care anyway because they have the most points.

Answer #8

I suggest you learn more about the site before you start bashing on it, and the admins. You obviously don’t know much about the site. There are only 3 admins. Jeremy, Ericson, and Colleen. You seem to only care about the points (money)…if you were here only to help people, you wouldn’t be making such a big deal about a little change in the points system which may cause you to get less points. Grow up, and stop complaining.

Answer #9

You know what? The owners of this site decided to start awarding users for adding value to this site - it’s a privilege, not a right. They shouldn’t have to pay people to sit around babysitting users who don’t seem to care about anything but themselves. And for the record, I do most of the editorial on this site…me - 1 person…Ericson does programming, and Jeremy does a little editorial, but he’s far too busy dealing with other matters. So, pardon me, if this one, lowly admin can’t seem to bend over backwards to please you, but being on this site is not about gaining points, it’s about helping people and making friends, so if the points are so important to you, tell you what…you don’t have to receive any at all…would that make you happier?

Answer #10

ok =]

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