Am I the only one who knows what pop means?

Am I the only one who knows what pop means or is that just like a chicago thing? Because now I live in south florida and if people ask me what I want to drink I say pop and they look at me as if im from another planet

Answer #1

Where I’m from we call it “Soft Drink” or “Fizzy”, not “Soda” or “Pop”. Soda might be used occasionally, usually on the dessert menu (“Ice Cream Soda” for Ice Cream and your choice of Fizzy for instance, otherwise known as a Spider Drink) or in a drink name (Creaming Soda or Ice Cream Soda). Pop is more commonly referred to here to describe a type/style of music.

It’s funny, when you ask someone if they want a drink, and then you ask them what kind of Soft Drink they want, often I’ve noticed people say “Do you want Coke, Pepsi, L&P, or Lemonade?” - listing brands, except for Lemonade which might be Sprite or 7Up, but they never say Sprite or 7Up, just Lemonade, but always differentiate between Coke and Pepsi or Coke Zero or similar instead of just saying “Cola”.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what it’s called, so long as you end up with what you wanted!

Answer #2

haha one of my best friends is from florida and when she came to oklahoma I asked her if she wanted a pop and she had no idea what that meant. lol it was funny

Answer #3

Im From England I Say Fizzy Pop :)

Answer #4

um I don’t really see what the problem is with people and pop! if they prefer soda then ask for soda!! but if where you live don’ t really carrie soda or pop ( I’m confused now ) then just ask for water! then when you get home drink the pop or soda ( srry still confused )

Answer #5

well… in oklahoma a lot of people will say pop. sometimes we even ask if a person wants a coke and if they say yes, we usually say what kind lol. yeah, we are weird!

Answer #6

I used to live in Indiana and now I live in Pennsylvania and it’s the same way.

Different regions of the country say different things, as well as have different accents and fluctuations to their voices.

I also call a big rig/mac truck a semi. Here they call them tractor trailers.

xox Sika

Answer #7

All of Canada says pop… you just need to hang out with us more :)

Answer #8

pop= soda.

I know what that means, and I’m from los angeles..

Answer #9

I never say pop, but I know that it means soda… I say soda… =)

Answer #10

I dont usually say pop but I know it means soda

Answer #11

im from new jersey and I never say pop but I still know what it means. haha its a funny word. POP.

Answer #12

pop, soda, same thing. I say both depending on who I’m around at the time. ha

Answer #13

I say pop all the time. I never say soda. I guess its just whatever you grew up saying. :)

Answer #14

pop? soda? im from england and here we say coke or lemonade or whatever fizzy drink it is…

Answer #15

well down here we say both or we put it together! SODA POP!

Answer #16

I use the word pop altho ova hur in Funky Town, Texas it has a lot of meanings it just depends on how you use it!!!

Answer #17

I know what it means im from boston

Answer #18

This will really not help, but this is a funny post lol :)

Answer #19

im from england and we just say pop or coke or lemonade etc

Answer #20

I mean im from tn. and I say pop all tha time so…

Answer #21

um the north pretty much say ‘pop’ and the south says ‘soda’ it doesnt mean the products are different, its just like a dialect or w/e.

Answer #22

in ohio we say pop. it just depends on where you live, everywhere people say different words that mean the same thing

Answer #23


Answer #24

Where I grew up in Michigan it was pop. Now that I live in Texas it is soda.

When in Rome…

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