How can you politely tell a friend of yours who is annoying they have to move out?

One of my husbands friends didn’t have anywhere to go so we said he could stay here. He usually annoys me first but my husband says he is annoying him this time. He constantly follows him around and comes in our room without knocking and comes in even while we are sleeping. We have a hard time just telling him he has to go especially since he doesn’t have anywhere else to go. We gotta figure something out though, he is horrible!

Answer #1

Let him know that it’s starting to feel crowded in the house and you don’t want the inconveniences of having him there to affect your friendship….then offer to help him search for a place.

Answer #2

I think the best way to do it would be to say that it’s just not working out, and that he has X amount of time to find a new place to stay. If he asks why, kindly, but honestly let him know what has made you come to this decision.

It won’t be easy, but it is your home and you do deserve to have privacy and comfort while you’re there.

Answer #3

This is a tough cookie to eat, I can see that. D;

I would suggest telling him to start looking for a job if he doesn’t work yet. If he needs help to find one, you and your husband could provide some assistance to him. I think it was kind of you to let him stay, but unfortunately, he is prolonging his stay a little too much.

Tell him he has 20-30 days to find a job and move out to somewhere else. It could be that he also has dependency issues on you two and feels as if you are his caretakers. Assure him that he’s still your friend and he’s welcome over, but no longer to sleep in your home as a roommate.

Also, if telling him verbally isn’t going to convince him, then start showing that he needs to go. Deny him a place to sleep on certain days so that he will no longer be addicted to your place like a fly.

I know it’s a sad thing to do to a friend, but it’s needed. You and your husband deserve some privacy once in a while. :\

Hope I helped. :D Oh and hello! xP

Answer #4

Definately help him find an alternative place to live…that is IF you really do consider him a friend. Since that might take a little time, why not write down the rules of the house? It sounds to me like he hasn’t a clue about boundries…Rule 1)Knock before entering a bedroom…don’t even knock after 10:00.

Ultimately it’s up to him to find place to go…


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