Why do poets use internal rhyme?

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I have to say poets use what ever comes to mind!
There is no particular reason for it...

I know when I write my poems, I dont say to myself ok, now I am going to write a poem using a particular form such as internal rhymes for example...What ever I am feeling is what I will write about. What ever order, shape or form that it takes is simply how it will appear on paper.

I think most poets feel the same way. I am simply one of infinity poets.
Hope this helped.

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it's mostly for rhythm, like using alliteration in a story. also to make the poem sound more natural, rather than using end rhymes - which can make it sound contrived at times :)

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It's mostly for rhythm, like using
Alliteration within a story.
To make the poem sound more natural rather
Than using end rhymes -- which can make it sound contrived,
At times.

:O Sorry.
Chanelglit is right, there isn't much of a reason other than suddenly thinking of something and liking the way it sounds, or its meaning. Sometimes the purpose is solely for the rhythm, which is much more likely.

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I agree I have only consciously used this once

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