Should we have a baby?

ok so I'm full of ?'s tonite...I'm 16 and I've been with my b/f for almost 2 years we love each other to no extent and we want a baby we've both had experince with kids I have a lil sister who is 3 and then I watched a 5 month old for 2 striaght weeks while her mother was sick with no help I didnt want help I wanted to see if I could do it myself and I could I know I have to give up a lot of things but I want a baby so bad

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Listen... just please wait until your out of high school... I would much rather have you wait until after college ang marrige but realize he wont be with you once the baby comes.. because hes going to say shittt I want to go out with the guys or go to a football game or w/e... thinkkk about it... dont you want to be able to go to a club when your 18 and not have to worry about a babysitter or money or anything

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Aloha brooklon ,

I am thrilled that you have found the love of your life and that you guys are thinking about having a child together really I am. However your age and the current situation does concern me a little bit. It is not so much your age, but more that you are not in a position to suport your selves and a child.

You already have love and so you have your hole lives a head of you, I would wait until you are married settled and have good jobs to have a child. If you are going to be a mother and father to some one you might as well do it right and give your child the best life that you can in all ways.I am pleased to hear that you will be loving parents..that much I am sure of..You seem to really love eachother and so it will rub off on your kids. which is great. I sujest home schooling rather then public schools (getting a bit ahead sorry.)

You guys should wait enjoy being young and in love together work on your relationship if you think that it is strong in time it is only going to be stronger. These are all skills that will help to raise your own childern and what not you have a hole life time to play the role of parents all I am saying is that given the situation you should maybe wait.

Good Luck and best of wishes to you. Peace and God be with you both.

dark wolf

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Best Plan: education, ring, date, marriage, get financially stable, then baby...Good luck !!

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Grow up, get an education, a career, get married, THEN have a baby!!!

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Dear brooklon,
children need good role models and unless you are fully educated and have a good career you do not set the example you may desire. Wanting a child at your age can signify that things are lacking in your life. You may be feeling the need to be need more. So having a child just because you want one at your age can be a selfish act. Watching a child for 2 weeks is not watching a child for 20 years. It's not something you want to try...because if you are unable to do it you can't send the baby back? You are definitely not ready and need to wait till you a career and stable ground.
Sue...good luck

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WAIT! I can't tell you what to do, but seriously think about it!
Do you know how much baby things cost? A pack of diapers cost $15, and lasts about 1-2 days. A can of formula costs $20 and last about 3 days, if that. Bottles, wipe,car seat, crib, clothes, etc. A baby is 24/7. I know you said you have experience with children. But, 2 weeks is nothing compared to a lifetime! You hardly sleep, your always exhausted.. trying to do anything with a baby is hard work, not impossible, but extremely hard. They cry all hours through the night. They demand your love and attention ALL the time. Im 18 and have a 7 month old daughter. They are hard work, but if you have support from your/his family .. it will be very helpful! I wish you luck in your decision! =)

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if you want a baby then have a baby. if both or you feel like it is right, and if its something you guys really want to do then go for it, im sure you guys would be great parents, especually if you have expirience with babies and kids. so I say just go for it and dont let anyone stop you

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okay, 16 is a younge age to be having a baby, at least wait until your out of high school and have a job. cause babys means you need money, b/c of diapers, formula and all that kinda stuff. I can't wait to have kids myself, but I want to make sure I get out of college and have a good job before I do.
I hope things work out for you and if you have anymore questions feel free to funmail me.

~ Tela ~

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wow, your way to young. you havn;t even lived life. the baby will end up on welfare and disfiguritive and a slut at 11 with parents that can't aford to feed the family and you will be selling furniture for heat and trying to feed off of nothing and have a kid doubt you and hate you for not carring enough about it and loving it and only caring about having your own fun in life like "hahaha lets pop a baby outta you and raise it!!!" your pathetic and ridiculous, and its people like you that rot america and should really just die. YOU ARE THE REASON THERE IS FOOD STAMPS!!!

kate beckinsale
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you are too young dear!

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I don't understand why you would want to have a baby at such a young age... wait!

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funmail me I have a lot to say
im 18 and have a 7 month old.. we need to talkl!

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if you think your ready go for it but you have to understand what your giving up and your boyfriend needs to understand that too its not an easy job yeah you looked after a baby for two weeks so what big deal. this is going to affect the rest of your life, your baby will come before anything you are going to be responsible for another human being that takes a lot of work and you wont be looking after it for only two week. this will be for the rest of your life/

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