Why do i have weird spots on my nipples?

im a 16 year old female and I have a real embarrasing question ..
the centre of both my nipples have like yellowy-puss like looking spots in them,
they feel normal but does this mean theyre infected or something?
im quite scared :/

also when I was like 12 I shaved my arms legs breasts etc cause I thought thats what adults did :/ now I have dark hair growing around my nipples, its nasty so I either pluck them out with tweezers (which makes the hair now really thick) or I die them with facial bleech (which isnt that effective as you can stil feel the thick jaggy hairs)

im sexually active but really embarrased about my boobs although theyare a lovely 34C, whenever im "with" my boyfriend I make sure the lights are out =(

somebody help!!

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Same here but I don't have yellow or puss anything, it's just white whenever I bathe I clean it out but it comes bac the next day (inside the nipple, at the tip) and it's not milk and I'm not pregnant and it's unlikely that a 16yr old wud have cancer

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A. those are oil glands and the oil can be pressed or squeezed out (if it's around the actual nipple). B. if it's your nipple the stuff seems to be coming out of, you could have a big problem which you should get checked out by your doctor. Women should not have anything coming out of their nipples unless they are pregnant, otherwise it's a sign there could be a tumor, cyst, or cancer in the breast (not to scare you.) Get it checked by your doctor, and don't be embarrassed to ask him/her about it!

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you have wierd spots on your nipels thats a big problem iam a doctor so if you want any solution you had to send your breast pics dont worry iam a lady and I understand your problem ok!!!

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the spots are nothing to worry about. I have them too they are just milk duds for breast feeding. most girls have them!!! just dont pick them or try poping them

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my nipples are very soare and have little yellow dots on the nipple what could be the problem? I am not pregnant also

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You need to go to a Laser Hair removal spa.. might be a little pricey...but it will be totally worth it not to have to "worry" every time you are w/ your partner. It will also boost your self confidence...always a plus!

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its cool im 16 hair is nothing, and have spots on my nipple to and my nipples are fine, its prob just a normal spot from not washing them enough, dont squeeze it out tho it really hurts haha

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Same here !
But I have squeesed them :/
Lol I feel really wierd if I ask mum or anything but I'm actually finding it quite wierd now :/

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I've just had a child and the spots are for breastfeeding.. I know lots of girls with hair around there nipple too. Just keep shaving , shaving does not make the hair come in any thicker they also have a line of hair in between their breasts and they just bleach that or wax they get on fine haha!

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