PLEASE help! Does she love me, or hate me?

I’ve known this girl for more than 6 years. Our parents have known each other prior to us meeting, but we had NO IDEA. Anyway, we both transferred from different schools and met because we were in the same class. She started writing me love notes out of nowhere, and back then I was flattered because I never had that happen to me before. Anyway, she ended up showing all of her girl friends, and then I showed all of my guy friends. It became a big school thing and we completely embarassed ourselves. The next day, we said our sorries and we were fine and close again. We did EVERYTHING together, from walking to school together, to going out to the mall, and so forth.

Next, high school hit. I ended up ignoring her for about a year, because of something that happened between us (I don’t remember exactly). We were always on and off because of people or issues. What do you expect? We didnt ‘grow up’ I guess. Anyway, grade 12 hit, and she approached my friend (we were hanging out), and then she tried to make conversation with me by asking if I was going to the prom. From then on we INSTANTLY got close again. She had a boyfriend at this time. I decided that it was time to tell her how I really felt about her, for all this time. I came out with it, and when she was trying to get me to tell her, it’s like she already knew. Just by the way she was talking, I could tell. I don’t know; it’s weird. Anyway, she got me to talk with her for about 5 hours about the whole situation. I told her that I didn’t want to pressure her or anything because she had a boyfriend and I respected that. She then said, “dont worry about my situation… I really want to talk,” and she would email me a lot too and ask me to meet her so we could ‘talk more’. If she never liked me at all, she could have ended it. I don’t know why she proceeded.

She wanted to work with me at my job, so I got her in. Weird things started happening to us. We were in the same art class, because she wanted to be with me in at least one class. Then, another girl that likes me took the class. We were all at the same table. Every time the other girl would look at me, the girl I like would be like, don’t look at her, dont talk to her. Not only that, but this other girl named Diane would come by right before the class starts (this is when me and the girl I like stopped talking). Diane would always be like ohhh my husband and just flirt. The girl would get up and call the girl a bitch and slut and slam the door. I was shocked. Why would she care if another girl would flirt with me?

I AM NEVER GOING TO FORGET THIS: She told me that it was better for her boyfriend to find out that I liked her from us, rather than someone else. So, I thought she would tell him anyway, so I told her that she could tell him. She did, but then me and him got into an argument online like a week later. I felt so bad because he said he was going to leave her because of me. I called her right away and told her everything that happened. Because I felt so guilty, she told me that “if anything ever happened to you I would kill myself.” That kind of made me think.

In front of him, online, she would tell me she wants the emails to stop, the phone to stop ringing, etc. I told her to tell me to my face that she wanted nothing to do with me. She said no, in front of him. The next day at work, she was smiling and everything. When I look into her eyes, something about them smile, but she has a straight face. It’s hard to explain. She told me if it meant losing him, she didn’t want to talk to me.

The hardest part about all this is that she told me that I would never lose her, and that “my emotions and feelings are everywhere.” She didn’t tell me if she likes me or not. Every time I approach her, or “run” after her, it’s like she wants to talk, but won’t show it. I see this sparkle in her eye and it’s such a warm feeling.

At work and school, this year, she ALWAYS stared at me when she thought I didn’t pay attention. People would tell me, and sometimes I would notice it. I don’t understand. Even at work one time, this lady came up to me and was like… she was looking at you as if she wanted to know what you were thinking. I’m confused.

Even at school, she was SOOO FOCUSED. I thought that was weird as hell, because she would sit in her own corner and study in the cafateria. That wasn’t like her at all. I don’t know what’s going on, but I don’t want to lose her, period.

Anyway, at work, I wrote her an email, telling her to stay out of my life, because of something stupid she did at work. The NEXT DAY, I found out she booked a month off work because of school, supposedly. After that month passed, they never heard from her again. I was TORN INTO PIECES. I didn’t want her to leave. A guy told me that she was acting very weird the last few weeks she was there.

I just recently found out that her boyfriend NEVER liked me in high school, because he was jealous of me. WHY?!?!!? WHY ME?!?! Not only that, but I found out they broke up, yet her best friend always tells me she loves him and that shes with him and everything. I don’t get what they’re trying to do.

There’s a lot more to this. I’m very confused and don’t know what to do. I don’t want to lose her, and I want her in my life, long-term. PLEASE HELP ME OUT EVERYONE!!!

Answer #1

its sounds like she really really likes you! But afarid to show it beacuse she has a boyfirend but woundnt breakup with hime beacuse she likes him to!!

Answer #2

No, I don’t see her because she’s going to university next year. I still see her best friend though. She’s my only connection to the girl I want. This whole situation is weird… I mean, she used to always tell me how her mom didn’t want her dad, and her dad used to run after her mom but that they still ended up together. Maybe history is repeating itself?

Answer #3

No, I don’t see her, because she’s going to university next year. She thinks I’m going there too. It’s weird because she used to always tell me stories about how her dad used to follow her mom but she didn’t want him, but they still ended up together.

Answer #4

woah. long thing you wrote there. haha. no offense, but i didn’t read the whole thing so this may not help too much but ne way i’ll give it a shot. i’d just say follow your heart boii! if you like her, tell her. whats the worst that’ll happen? i mean, your not in middle school ne more. (haha. i still am!!) so it’s not like everyone will be making fun of you. just do what you think is right. good luck! =]

Answer #5

ok i really think she likes u but she dosnt want to show it. just like u she is afraid to let her true feeling out. its hard sometimes and her friend that said she loves that other guy is probly not the truth she probly likes u and the only reason she left was she proly felt her heart riped open like u did she is thinkin the same way u r

Answer #6

It seems like this girl doesn’t really seem to know what she wants. Do you still ever see her? If she’s totally out of your life now, ask her best friend to help you out.

Go to this girl and tell her how sorry you are for what you said. If she doesn’t come to you after that, I don’t think she’s worth it.

I have this childhood friend who treats me like crap, but I love him. I know he’s not worth it, but I can’t let him go. I keep thinking of how he used to be, and keep hoping he’s going to treat me like that again someday.

Face it. This girl is hurting you, baby.

Answer #7

this me I think she triing to make you so jals that she wats to go with him

Answer #8

ok what about us

Answer #9

Just follow your heart

Answer #10

shes not dead rite? u said they never heard from her agian. and dude she totally likes you. is it a possibility that her boyfriend was abusive or violent in any way and she was scared what would hapn to you or herself if she broke up with him and went out with you. you should ask her.

Answer #11

ok well it seems to me that this girl cant make up her mind. i think that she loves you but likes her boyfriend. She is probally just as torn as you are. Let me ask u this if she didnt love you then y did she take your art class or get the same job as you or even leave after that email. another thing that i noticed was that u said she didnt like you talking to that tother girl in your art class, she was tring to keep you on a short leash and maybe that is what he boyfriend is doing to her. you are in a tough position and im A LOT YOUNGER THAN U but i hope that u still take some of my advice and that it makes you feel better.

Answer #12

love, you got some trouble. it sounds like she just wants to hurt u. by the kind of guy you seem to be. nice, NORMAL, beautiful girls should be chasing you madly! you could do so much betta than her mate good luck xx

Answer #13

trust me she loves you. the only reason she would call that girl those things is because she jeoulus and doesn’t want compition. get her email adress or her sn from her friend. email her or IM her. become friends agian but keep it slow you dont wanna make things flare up agian. let her get over her boyfriend then try agian. say ‘look, i really love you and i wanna make you a part of my long time life. I understand we’ve had some bumpy times but please give me a chance.’

trust me every girl wants to here something like that.

Answer #14

I got this girl figured out. She’s been trying to make it look like she’s cool and doesn’t need you but DAMN this girl is SERIOUSLY in love with you! When I’m in love with someone I’m not dating I feel a little awkward and childish. She probably wanted to look mature and like she had everything under control. What puzzles me is when you told her everything she still didn’t date you. Probably this: She liked hearing all that you had to say, so she talked a lot about it with you, but she was already dating someone else, so she panicked. Maybe she felt guilty for dating this other guy and couldn’t dump him, something. The main thing is she LOVES you really. You gotta do something that catches her off-guard completely. I don’t know, show up on Valentine’s Day or her birthday at her place with flowers or chocolate or something. And then ask her on a date. If it goes badly then forget about her, she’s too confusing to work for then. One of my friends hugs everyone and is all charming and sweet and plenty of people ask if he’s hitting on them. He always says no…

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