How to erase my computer history?

how do I erase history on my computer and have no trace of it my boyfriend thinks I watch porn and I dont and he gets mad so how do I make sure theres no way he can check please answer as soon as possible!!!

Answer #1

go to tools and click on the first thing that is on the list it says delete browsing history once you click on that at the bottom of the page that comes up it says delete all and then your done.

Answer #2

in windows xp go to tools thin in internet properties click delete thin you can delete temp files,cookies & history files. are you can go to the bottom & delete all of the above.

Answer #3

well its his computer I think thats why he gets mad and weve been together a while and he considers that cheating but then again when we 1st started going out he watched it and even comented on other girls but denies it now

Answer #4

Go into internet properties and if you have IE7 then go to browsing history and hit delete and delete all. I have a program you can use if you would like. message me or IM (profile) me if you need any other help.

Answer #5

download a thing called Ccleaner it will then compleatly vaish your entire history with no trace and it free to download , good luck .from sly77

Answer #6

If as you say, you don’t watch porn, what exactly are you trying to delete that you dont want him to see?


Answer #7

I dont know what you mean by browser like sites?

Answer #8

of get scrub it…it tottally blocks anything porn or nude related

Answer #9

get pop up blocker and he should beleive if you tell him…he should trust you to tell him the truth

Answer #10

So what broswer do you use I have a lot of them so I might be able to figure out how to help you

Answer #11

no I dont watch porn but there are porn pop ups and my boyfriend thinks I go to the site

Answer #12

it aint on mine under tools anything else you suggest caz it dont say that at all

Answer #13

ummm don’t watch porn…easiest solution

Answer #14

Go to the toolbar at the VERY top of the screen.There should be a thing that says “Tools”.Click on it.Go down near the bottom.It should say”Clear private data Crtl+Shift+Del” click on that and everything will be gone except bookmarks. Hope I helped!!! :)

Answer #15

it aint on mine under tools anything else you suggest caz it dont say that at all or is there any way to erase a certain thing undr my history and have no trace that I erased it at all

Answer #16

He probably watches porn himself anyway. If you’re not watching porn why do you need to erase somethin? If it was just a pop up he could click on the link in the history and see that it was just a pop up. I don’t know because most sites don’t just pop up porn ads, except probably adult themed sites (like porn) well I have a pop up blocker but I’ve never had any problem with porn pop ups so I don’t know. I would just be honest with him because if you try to hide things it’s only going to get worse!

Answer #17

and what are cookies ok im stupid lol

Answer #18

I tried going to tools then internet options then delete history but it wont work it dont do any thing

Answer #19

so does any one know what I shud do

Answer #20

windows vista - tools internet options browsing history delete temp files, history, cookies

I dont remember how to do it in the other windows, but if you go to help and ask how to delete temp files you it will tell you

although he’s going to know if you deleted it (it’s kinda obvious when there’s no history…)

and seriously tell him to back off, its none of his business what you do. so what if you watch porn?

Answer #21

Ok so what browser do you use?

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