Iq test a man found dead on his house?

Can you answer this 3 questions??

  1. IQ TEST:

One sunday morning, a man found dead on his house, soon the police came and ask the people living with him. Here are their alibis: WIFE: when I woke up, I found him dead! COOK: I was cooking at the kitchen, I didn’t notice. MAID: I was in the post office mailing letters. BUTLER:I was on the roof that time. GARDENER: I’m planting outside. After hearing all this alibis, the policemen caught the killer, who you think? Who’s the killer?


I’m a thing. The fishermen loves me, the Doctors hates me. Kids want to eat me. I am a 13 letter word. What I am?

H_T I_ _ME


If you can answer this brain twister, then you are one of the genius people on earth!. Form this words “LAY A KISS” into a single word. Clue: It’s a room..

Hope you can.. thanks.. I’ll wait for the answer.

Answer #1

well I got the answer for my third questions it should be “KASILYAS” our native language which means CR(Comfort Room)..hahah:)

Answer #2
  1. It was the maid…the post office is closed on Sunday
  2. Chathuringme (worms)
  3. …I’m still working on this one…get back to you
Answer #3

1 Maid duh the post is closed on friday 2 I don’t know 3 I don’t know

Answer #4

Maid Chimichangas Bath room

Answer #5

I believe it would be easier if the question was not written in broken English. its confusing that way.

Answer #6

ichibanarky … I think you r the only one who got the 1st question and the 2nd right…

post office is closed on sunday

Answer #7
  1. The gardner, he said he was on the roof and then the man dies ON his house! I dunno w/ the rest… what is the answer!
Answer #8

how possible? the gardener says, “he is planting outside”:)

Answer #9
  1. Chathuringmes (worms) <–still the same
Answer #10

oopzz it is supposed to be


Answer #11

its all,the gardener said im planting outside,so you dont know what was he doing at the time of the murder,the butler was on the roof and the man died on his house,and the post office was close on sundays,and the wife could kill him before she slept,so when she woke up,hes already dead,and how can the cook know what to cook if even the wife was still asleep.

Answer #12

But you can drop off mail at the post office even if they are closed.

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